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Margarita with a Straw (2014)

Margarita with a Straw (2014)

Kalki KoechlinRevathiSayani GuptaHussain Dalal
Shonali Bose,Nilesh Maniyar


Margarita with a Straw (2014) is a Hindi,English movie. Shonali Bose,Nilesh Maniyar has directed this movie. Kalki Koechlin,Revathi,Sayani Gupta,Hussain Dalal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Margarita with a Straw (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

***SPOILERS ALERT!!*** Laila is a teenager with cerebral palsy, studying at Delhi University. She is an aspiring writer and also composes music for an indie band at the university. Laila develops feelings for the lead singer, but is heartbroken when she is rejected. Moving on from the experience, Laila is overjoyed to receive a scholarship for a semester's study at New York University. Despite her father's reservations, she moves to Greenwich Village, Manhattan with her orthodox Maharashtrian mother Shubhangini. Laila meets an attractive young man named Jared, who is assigned to help her in the creative writing class. She also meets a young activist, Khanum (Gupta), a blind girl of Pakistani-Bangladeshi descent, with whom she falls in love. Laila is enamored by Khanum's fiercely independent personality and her positive perspective towards her own disability. The two spend most of their time together, filling in as each other's caregivers. Laila becomes confused about her sexual ...


Margarita with a Straw (2014) Reviews

  • Great way to kick off TIFF 2014


    I went to see this film because the last Kalki Koechlin film I viewed called The Girl With the Yellow Boots was very impressive. As was this film. It started innocently enough. Demonstrating Kalki's extraordinary acting ability. The story was very precious and demonstrated how somebody with the lead characters challenges still strives to have a normal life. And id doing so it became apparent that even with her physical disability she is able to lead a normal and filling life. Possibly even more so then people who are able bodied. It we actually a very beautiful film. The film style which was very simplistic actually made it very believable. I will definitely see another Kalki Koechlin film and I can only hope that it is as good as Margarita with a Straw.

  • Bravo! Margarita With A Straw


    'Chune Chali Aasma' singing in my mind, with a subtle smile on my face; gratified and moved, I walk down the stairs of the multiplex. A fantastic story, elegantly told, powerfully acted and excellently directed is something, I would refer to as VARANASI (a dialog in the film), which is lot of noise but in peace, if nothing else. This Margarita is spilt all over me; and is definitely intoxicating. Sometimes less is more and Margarita with a straw is MORE. Bravo! MargaritaWithAStraw In a society where disability has always been invisible and unable to provide for differently-abled people, MWAS is refreshing movie that throws light on the very fact that they are there to be found, normal like us. Many pluses to the film; exceptional heart wrecking story, which is at the same time elevating, keeps you smiling all the time. There is some very modern and captivating music, beautiful lyrics, aptly lensed and direction is splendid. There is a scene in the movie where the band performs "Dusokute" (which means in her eyes in Assamese - a rock piece by joi barua) which Laila writes & composes, wins an inter collage competition. While they announce the trophy with a special reference to the disability but for ability of Laila, the expression Kalki delivers and that rage in her action, made me shed my first tear. Where our writers sometimes fail to execute one just challenge or difficulty to the protagonist effectively, Margarita's script writer and director have convincingly put in multiple challenges. A teenager, Laila (Kalki Koechin) on wheelchair with cerebral palsy, aspiring writer and musician, a normal middle class family, studies abroad, a blind pakistani gay girlfriend (foreign balamwa), mother's cancer, her raging hormones and zeel for life and the count goes on.....whuff !!! Kudos. Talking about the technicality, its a definitive directors baby (Shonali Bose) with some exception scripting. Unconventionally narrated for the loose ends of the continuity of story has been marvelously draped by sheer excellence of direction, which STANDS out. Well balanced characters with their unique sketches, interestingly woven and patterned. Alongside, Kalki, the film puts the spotlight on, Sayani Gupta, who plays Khanum, her blind lover from Pakistan with whom Laila embarks on an intriguing journey of sexual discovery. Scary for the character, as she speaks, but a delight for the evolving indie audience. Sayani is indeed SAYANI; her portrayal of a blind person without being weighed down by the condition, is breath taking. There are interesting intimate scenes in the movie, which have been edited without any background score (very unlikely approach), are bang on. Laila's mother (Revathi), reflecting the undying attitude of a mother towards her child, is a cancer patient. She also shares a considerable story time and has performed her role, as an AADAT for Lalia, with utmost perfection. In one of the scenes Laika speaks -Everyone has mother, but she has an aadat ...and that made me drop a tear, yet again . The protagonist 'Kalki' is absolutely brilliant as Laila; convincingly powerful and award worthy. She completely sucks you into her world, which is evolving, scattered and at the same time simple. Margarita's on-screen depiction of homosexuality, or of disabled people having sex for that matter, in Indian cinema is very brave. The movie throws lot of questions at you without answering them directly, in your faces. A big movie ,especially , for the ones with human rights and gay and lesbian genre. I am, kind of ,short of praises for such a bold, proactive film about disability and of course coming out, which is an integral part of this story. A very personal thank you note indeed for the director to have done incredible justice to the story with her binding direction , which otherwise would have been lost in transition. Thank you for making the film available for us to see and reflect upon. Its far better than most of the Bollywood dramas we dwell upon. Go sip on this 'Margarita- with a straw' Ladies and Gentlemen. ????????????????????????

  • This is about life...


    Imagine the joy when you surmount a big challenge, see a majestic bird soar into the heavens or see someone living big despite a lot of odds! I was frankly delightfully numbed by the overall story of this movie, the authentic act by the overall cast, especially Kalki. If there is a real contender for an Academy award, this film is rightfully starting at your face! The only part where I thought there was a little more focus given than fitting was the sexuality but all the same, it was honest! This is not a fairy tale which has to stop at kissing the princess, this is real and what life is all about. I felt Bollywood has done a somersault and landed on its feet - felt proud. At the end, without alienating anyone, I would say this is not for everyone. While very entertaining, if you are more of the masala movies type, this may not be for you.

  • Margarita, With a Straw! - Brilliance at next level!


    Quoting in a broader sense, there are 3 kinds of actors: 1. Humans who make great actors 2. Actors who make great humans And the 3rd...........? Book a show of "Margarita With a Straw" to experience the 3rd kind called Kalki Koechlin. In a snap you'll confront to the prowess & virtuosity of this super-skilled woman only to fall in love with her (again). 'Laila' will instantly conquer your heart with her eyes & body language. It is tough to imagine people with cerebral palsy. What's tougher is to admire & respect their choices around their sexuality & life in general. And MWAS's vulgar-free modus operandi enables us to do this. The subtle-yet-bold performance from Kalki & her journey of discovering her sexual choices is substantial & heart-warming at the same time. Overall, in a society like ours where we witness a cocktail of strong opinions, it might just be a liberating escapade to have Shonali Bose's Margarita.......With a Straw! smile emoticon ‪#‎margaritawithastraw‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

  • A fun inspiring movie with truths about reality and acceptance


    This film teaches us that irrespective of whatever condition you are born with- being blind or having cerebral palsy or whatever event happens in your life which changes your life's circumstance, you should attempt to not be low on self confidence and self esteem and you have every right to command respect as an individual in your own right, have fun in your own way ie whatever your natural self desires to do and have a positive attitude to everything in life. The question is of whether you are able to be an individual who can follow his or her desire to the fullest as you rightfully should be able to without worrying about its consequences on other people close to you or worrying but making effort to tackle the same truthfully honestly or are you an individual who compromises and sacrifices for others and controls oneself from fulfilling his or her complete desires. The film specifically reveals the reality of natural sexual desire which is there in all human beings but that desire can be anything and being a homosexual, lesbian or bisexual isn't really a crime as many think of it but is an individual preference. This preference is sometimes not easily acceptable by the individual or the society as we have pre conceived notions about what we consider normal and what we don't. There is nothing wrong in that as thats probably wired into our brains but on thinking we should be able to accept what is not normal as well and let individuals just BE! Overall good acting by Kalki and a good watch.


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