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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018)

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018)

Dee Bradley BakerChloe BennetKathreen KhavariAndrew Kishino
Alfred Gimeno,Eric Radomski


Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) is a English movie. Alfred Gimeno,Eric Radomski has directed this movie. Dee Bradley Baker,Chloe Bennet,Kathreen Khavari,Andrew Kishino are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will launch first as a series of six four-minute digital shorts, with the full film coming to the screen in 2018.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) Reviews

  • Marvel Rising Secret Warriors: A whole new demographic


    Apparently Secret Warriors is now a thing and likely to spawn a spew of new movies and a television series. Essentially it's Marvels answer to Teen Titans and I'm not impressed. To be fair I'm not exactly the demographic, but it's not who you'd expect either. The main problem is that it's so kiddish, and as Marvel/Superheroes have evolved so far and gone beyond Saturday morning cartoons I feel this is a step backwards. It doesn't need to be R rated, but a happy medium would have made considerably more sense. Here we see the most modern version of Ms.Marvel teaming with Squirrel Girl to take on the bad guys and form the titular team. The animation is lazy, the plot is generic and it's all so damn childish. To its credit it is bringing some lesser to known characters into the spotlight and pushing Captain Marvel further in as she'll be an integral part of the MCU. Also the voice talent though not great is at least consistent as we have several people playing characters they've played before such as Agent of Shields own Chloe Bennet playing Quake again. I see what they're doing here, I just don't think they've done it very well. It's full of moral messages and that's great, it has it's heart in the right place. But as a franchise? I'm unimpressed. The Good: Strong morale code and messages Some of the logic behind this makes sense The Bad: Some horrid animation That soundtrack, really? Too much silliness Things I Learnt From This Movie: Squirrel Girl is approximately 50% adorable and 50% annoying

  • Surprisingly decent film


    This is a surprisingly decent film. I'm equally surprised by the number of downvotes here. What, not enough sex, language and gore for the mainstream? Or were some folks totally unaware they were dialing into a cartoon-based movie? This has a good story, good characters, an actual lesson, and was an enjoyable watch. Yes parts of it jumped the shark a bit; welcome to the realm of super-heroes. That tends to happen a lot in this field. After the recent plethora of cringe-worthy superhero movies full of ultra-violence and character assassination (Batman, Superman, X-Men, etc etc) it was refreshing to watch a film that brought this genre back to its basic values: ordinary people that suddenly have power and aren't sure what to do with it. The storyline never slumps. It's never "totally ridiculous". Basic plot holds up. The individual characters are actually well-formed and thought out. I would have liked to see Squirrel Girl given a little more "awesome" (since she at one time managed to take out THANOS) but she's just getting started in this one. The writers very well got the ideas across of: Don't abuse your powers just because you can... don't judge a book by its cover... don't judge too hastily... give people a chance to redeem themselves. I'll take that kind of content over hyper-action and violence any day. Not that there wasn't plenty of action and violence in this; it was just subdued compared to the general media these days. I am not a big fan of "Saturday morning cartoon" type fare. But this one did well enough to earn a solid 6 stars in my book (would have been 7 if the animation had been a bit better). Well worth the watch, and a good morality flick. Brought back the days when comics were less gratuitous, less violent, and had far better stories. Overall I think a decent effort.

  • Where's The Marvel? It's Too Disney For Me.


    I'm showing my age here, but I'm also coming from a long history of loving Marvel toons. Synthetic music with digital instruments gives me headaches. It's so much commercialized content that 'Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors' becomes a perverbial shaking of the keys in front of a baby's face. It's flashy bright colors set to excess noise; if this were Japan you'd expect to read about the hundreds of cases of children going into seizures (Much like California's theater warning for 'The Incredibles 2'). It was as uncomfortable to watch as a ShamWow commercial, "HEY I'M YELLING REALLY LOUDLY SO YOU'LL LOOK UP AT THE TV!!!" Secondly, just at a glimpse I couldn't help but notice the body transformation of Squirrel Girl. What was the point of giving her birthing hips? The Squirrel Girl I remember had a tiny frame which gave her action scenes against bigger villains a lop-sided battle that you couldn't help but cheer for her to win. People tend to root for the underdog, not the guy big enough to lift grown men off their feet. It came across like she was the bully in at least one scenario. There wasn't much of a story here. It's basically hero-worship of older Marvel characters and living up to be just like them. It takes away from the individuality of the new characters origin stories. I saw this as one long movie edited from the shorts that wemade available. Maybe the idea was to get all of this information in small doses? I don't know. My experience was tiring. I didn't finish watching because there wasn't much there for me to care about. No mystery, no central element, and all commercial.

  • Too much of some things, not enough of others...


    It's not that they have a problem with synthesized music or a reusing of the theme song, although I do, admittedly. Heck, I don't even mind messages not so subtly hidden within a movie's script, especially when that movie is mainly targeted to younger kids anyway. My problem is that the movie was marketed on the promise of one thing and ultimately didn't even try to deliver on that. The writing and acting that was present in the Marvel Rising: Initiation short seems to have taken a huge step backwards. Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider is nowhere to be found and won't even appear until the sequel next year, which makes one wonder at her inclusion in so much of the advertising. Leaving her absence out of it, though, the movie still suffers from less-than-great writing, a few audio sync issues, and characters who don't really develop, even when they do. Spider-Gwen deserves better for her Disney XD premiere.

  • Meh


    It's alright. Not great. Not terrible. The animation wasn't horrible, but definitely lacking in diverse facial expressions. There were little things I like about it, like America's stars and how Kamala's body shifts. For the most part, the action scenes range from boring to bad, which is never good in an action movie, but it's not the worst thing in the world. And as much as I love the characters in other media they're in, they felt more like watered down versions of their counterparts. While Squirrel Girl's voice was annoying, she was still probably the most entertaining character (what can I say, I'm a sucker for the outgoing loudmouths). Daisy was just plain dull and honestly very weak and felt shoehorned into the leader role (Kamala definitely took on the role of leader in this one) I was pleasantly surprised by Lockjaw. the voice acting was bland overall, but that's often the problem with casting non-VAs in VA roles. Ending was very, very anticlimactic. All in all, an okay TV/direct-to-DVD movitt hat I'm glad I watched but will probably not watch again.


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