Mauvaises herbes (2018)

KheironCatherine DeneuveAndré DussollierLouison Blivet


Mauvaises herbes (2018) is a French movie. Kheiron has directed this movie. Kheiron,Catherine Deneuve,André Dussollier,Louison Blivet are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Mauvaises herbes (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Wael (Kheiron) a former street child, makes a living from small scams with his adoptive mother and partner-in-crime Monique (Catherine Deneuve). When this unconventional duo swindles the wrong guy, Victor (André Dussollier), an old acquaintance of Monique now in charge of a support organization for troubled teens, they have no choice but to become his interim secretary and educator in order to redeem themselves. Facing six willful kids determined to spoil all his efforts, Wael's own personal story and inventive tricks become the key to gaining their trust - and he soon realizes that he too is given a chance to heal his past and find his place in society.

Mauvaises herbes (2018) Reviews

  • A real hidden gem


    This is a really beautiful, human film about connection. Catherine Deneuve is spectacular as always, it's just a real treat of a film!

  • Life is the greatest Theacher


    A sort of Slumdog Millionaire but transposed in another form. Excelent . A very educational movie that treats the hardships of life whit good humor

  • Simple movie, intelligent


    Very french, slightly impossible. romantic plot but enjoyable and well made. Decent movie, lacks a little of realism and specifics in the story but then again it doesn't aim to be that kind of movie. Overall delivers his message well.

  • Esplêndido


    Apesar de alguns clichês previsíveis, o Sementes Podres traz a sua história engraçada e comovente.

  • Beautiful, inspiring and comical


    Funny but at the same time serious. Exposes a truly sad reality but at the same time it conveys hope and positivity. Creative, ingenious and beautiful movie.

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