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Messenger of Wrath (2017)

Messenger of Wrath (2017)

Melissa MaloneMadeline LupiCarmine GiordanoHiram Ortiz
Ryan Callaway


Messenger of Wrath (2017) is a English movie. Ryan Callaway has directed this movie. Melissa Malone,Madeline Lupi,Carmine Giordano,Hiram Ortiz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Messenger of Wrath (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An independent 12 year old girl named Three is home alone late one night when her house is invaded by several masked intruders. While trying to escape from them she learns of a far more dangerous threat waiting outside.

Messenger of Wrath (2017) Reviews

  • I enjoyed it!


    Fun movie, though a bit messy. Could've benefited from some major editing and reduced run-time. I enjoyed the cast and the mysterious killer was ultra-cool. Nice choreography during the final showdown as well. In all, I'd say it's an enjoyable movie considering it's almost non-existent budget.

  • Bad


    Bad acting, direction, script, camera work, lighting, annoying background sound that I think is supposed to be background music. No makeup, special effects, visual effects. The only good point was the killer's motivation, around which a decent movie could have been written and made. With really bad movies of which I want to see the resolution, I fast forward a lot, which I recommend. Or skip it.

  • Home invasion horror, indie style


    MESSENGER OF WRATH is a home invasion indie horror flick made on a minuscule budget. The heroine of the piece is a teenage girl whose home is ambushed by a gang of thugs one night. Endeavouring to escape, she discovers that the danger is not merely on the inside. For an amateur film, this is quite well put together, with a detailed storyline containing plenty of incident. It's not boring, just not very good, with paper-thin characters and poor performances.


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