Middleground (2017)

Rob CampbellMarisa RyanNoah HuntleyAnna Suzuki
Alisa Khazanova


Middleground (2017) is a movie. Alisa Khazanova has directed this movie. Rob Campbell,Marisa Ryan,Noah Huntley,Anna Suzuki are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Middleground (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Trapped in the hotel of her husband's various business meetings, a woman finds herself adrift between lives when she is approached by a stranger with vivid memories of an affair with her that she can't remember. She's always sitting there with her husband. He's always getting up to take a meeting. The other man always comes and sits, the stranger, who always insists on his account of their past affair, and every time he does, it's more convincing.

Middleground (2017) Reviews

  • Should Come With Complimentary Toothpicks for your Eyes.


    It's a half hour later and I still can't figure out what I did for the previous hour and a half. I can find something meaningful in almost any film, at least something to take away from the experience. Not so with this film. The characters are one-dimensional and unlikable. The storyline is non-existent. Mind-boggling dialogue and scenes that consist mostly of people eating at a restaurant. I'm giving it one star and as I type this review I'm contemplating whether I'm being too generous in that regard.

  • A Film For Those Of Us Prepared To Go Beyond Our Comfort Zone


    The film is for those of us who are prepared to go beyond our comfort zone and tempt our palate with more esoteric flavors than we normally allow ourselves to absorb and savour. Middleground is disturbing and claustrophobic. It is a snapshot of life as most of us know it. It reminds me of a circle of life with a small opening. We can go around the circle and remain in our predictable pattern of life or we can find out what lies beyond the circle and venture beyond it...perhaps a parallel life imitating the one we have lived or a parallel life where the dreams that fill our head are happening...where the dreams we experience in slumber are real and our awakened life is the fabricated life. Or, maybe this is the world between life and death.

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