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Monster High: Electrified (2017)

Monster High: Electrified (2017)

Debi DerryberryCassandra Lee MorrisSalli SaffiotiLarissa Gallagher
Avgousta Zourelidi,Jun Falkenstein


Monster High: Electrified (2017) is a English movie. Avgousta Zourelidi,Jun Falkenstein has directed this movie. Debi Derryberry,Cassandra Lee Morris,Salli Saffioti,Larissa Gallagher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Monster High: Electrified (2017) is considered one of the best Animation,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

When Clawdeen dreams of opening a salon made for monsters and normies, Frankie has the perfect place - an abandoned power station outside town. But the idea sparks negative voltage when Moanica plots to ruin the whole thing, and replace the celebration with something a little more... shocking!

Monster High: Electrified (2017) Reviews

  • what happened?!


    I literally have watched every monster high movie, and this one as well has "welcome to monster high" (came out in 2015) were completely AWFUL. First of all, apparently Draculaura met Frankie before Clawdeen, which makes no sense since the first movie says they were best friends before Frankie moved to monster high. Then it says that Draculaura and Frankie built monster high, and "saved" all the monsters by introducing them to monster high. Also you can tell that some of the actors who originally voiced the characters were replaced (Frankie, Cleo and Lagoona are all I noticed). For some reason, spectra is now British. Abby, Heath, Toralei, Ghoulia, Clawd, Gil and Howleen are NO WHERE to be found. Not sure why the werewolf characters turn into wolves, something they never did before. Also noticed that basically all the characters have fangs, including Deuce and the zombies! Plus, Cleo and Deuce aren't together and neither are Lagoona and Gil!! I will not be watching this movie again.

  • Not inpressed


    Can we go back to the first generation characters????? Not feeling these second generation characters.

  • To put this 'Frank(l)ie


    The recent Monster High films are very underwhelming. Before I come off as a full on hater, I'll start with some things I did like about these two movies. The animation and models improved a lot. Especially the faces are really beautiful now, shout-out to Clawdeen, Lagoona and Ari. Then again, it gives off a very 'doll-y' vibe. I know these are basically dolls, but it's not really pleasing to watch. If anything it reminds me of stuff like Peter Lord's Chicken Run. Some of the voice actors got replaced and I have to admit I prefer Draculaura speaking in a lower voice. The music is still good too I really liked Tash' song, but 'Me and my Amigos' was also really nice. That's about it for the positive notes. Except for that I'm screaming over the fact they changed the canon. Monster High was about Frankie, a 16 days old girl, being the newbie at school and learning how hard it is to be accepted. As this is targeted at a young audience, the character didn't have a lot of character development already, but these films stripped them off of the little unique quirks they had. Frankie is not the new girl. She's also older than she original was and suddenly there's not such thing as the Monster world, but just Monsters hiding from humans in our world. The new canon focuses on bridging the gap between Monsters and humans, rather than Monsters and Monsters. And every time there's Monica making a mess and Frankie saving the day. In this canon Monster High isn't a school that exists for 100's of years, but it's built by freaking Draculaura and Frankie. I'm also disturbed by the amount of characters that got cut out, most notably Abbey and Ghoulia. They basically changed everything. From the way the school came to exist, to how everyone meets each other. In this movie Frankie meets Twyla after she (or one of her friends, can't remember) steps on her leg. In this universe Twyla isn't friends with Howleen. Another thing that truly disturbed me were the designs. I don't like how Frankie looks, but that's not the worst. The freaking haircuts in electrified were a sin. I must admit they look okayish as dolls, but wtf Frankie. Just wtf.

  • stop hating it (at least it isnt foodfight)


    Everyone hates the movie but i really liked it aside from the change in canon i mean sure ik frankie didnt make the school but thats only relevant in the very beginning of the movie and it didnt make the plot less enjoyable i like the first canon better but the change doesnt make me hate the movie i wish some original ghouls were in it that we missed but i really enjoyed watching it like i never followed the monster high universe but im always down to see new teams working on productions and whatnot i think y'all are too serious about it, and i can see the effort that the people put into it!! i had fun watching it because it reminded me of how the characters were when i first met them (like 2009) and now


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