Moth (2016)

Moth (2016)

Lídia SzabóJózsef GallaiBálint EgriKata Tábori
Gergö Elekes,József Gallai


Moth (2016) is a English movie. Gergö Elekes,József Gallai has directed this movie. Lídia Szabó,József Gallai,Bálint Egri,Kata Tábori are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Moth (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A teacher and her student travel to the European countryside to investigate 22 recent Mothman sighting reports, but what begins as an attempt to stop a catastrophe becomes a nightmarish fight for survival.

Moth (2016) Reviews

  • Underrated and misunderstood


    I feel I have to write my first review now! Honestly I don't get all bad reviews and those bunch of a-holes who watch and rate FF movies despite they hate these kind of movies. Unfortunately many stupid people have seen and rated this movie describing it one of the worst and blah blah, while they didn't even notice this is NOT a horror movie, but rather a drama with FF and horror elements. Great atmosphere, great storytelling and one of the most surprising twists I've seen in an independent movie so far. A great (if not the best) addition to Wild Eye Releasing movies. Not perfect for sure - I didn't like the main actress either, but a great film. And please stop bashing indie horror films and ff films. If you don't like them, choose something else.

  • Interesting FF effort


    This is a remarkable indie effort as it manages to bring something fresh in the usual monster FF plot: guys get on the monster's track, camp out at night with nothing to defend themselves then they get on the monster's menu as dessert. You will find Moth is nothing like that, in a good way ! Good visuals, intelligent plot.

  • Poor Script, Acting, Cinematography, Characters, Effects


    I rarely write reviews, but this film was so badly done that I just have to warn potential viewers to stay away from it. Firstly, the poster/DVD cover suggest the presence of a moth-man creature while there is none in the film. None, zilch. We only hear or see suggestions of such a being. The characters are one dimensional and not at all interesting from any standpoint. The lead actress is mostly irritating and over reactive while the leading man is simply boring. Cinematography, if you would call it that, is of the hand held, amateurish type usually seen in "found footage" films with nauseating movements, improperly exposed and focused images and poor framing. The editing must have been done by someone on drugs as the continuity and story development are confusing and irrational. The "big reveal" at the end did not surprise me at all and was, in fact, not such a "big" deal at all. About the only part of the film that held some interest for me were the locations: abandoned commercial building, cars, homes and the country roads and forest locations. Sorry I wasted my time with this film.

  • Help me


    Paint a wall, then watch it dry. It is more fun. Fast forward to the credits. Take a nap instead.

  • Horrendous. Avoid!


    This film just has no redeeming qualities. Moth, AKA the longest, most boring road trip you could ever take, is badly acted, boringly written and possibly with the least amount of chills per minute of film ever created. The lead actress has the personality and charisma of a dead fish and her male support is at least as bad. They spend so much time cramped together in the car or saying, "did you her dat?" or 'wat is dat?' that at no point are you ever invested in the characters or the story. The shaky camera is also bad, offputtingly so. The real problem here is just the lack of anything happening. It's a real 'student project' type of thing; minimum cast, people in the car and then the woods, just no. Sorry guys, it was just ghastly.


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