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Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (2015)

Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (2015)

Kristijan JaicStjepan PericTena Jeic GajskiLjubisa Savanovic
Ivan-Goran Vitez


Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (2015) is a Croatian,Serbian,German movie. Ivan-Goran Vitez has directed this movie. Kristijan Jaic,Stjepan Peric,Tena Jeic Gajski,Ljubisa Savanovic are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (2015) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,War movie in India and around the world.

This comedy of the absurd is set in the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War II. The hero, Ljiljan is a young peasant poet who joins the Partisan movement just before it falls apart, abandoned by its leader Tito. The last remaining hope for resisting Nazism is to assassinate Hitler. Ljiljan's task is to write a song that will allow his Partisan band to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the SS - by entering an SS talent show. If they win the competition, they will be invited to perform before Hitler and the NDH's high command. This is a satirical coming-of-age tale with a difference, capturing the craziness, comedy and horror of war in the Balkans.


Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (2015) Reviews

  • A group of young partisans plans an assassination of Hitler


    This movie is packed with little jokes, it reminds me on old Monty Python films. It may have a strong local focus, so all the jokes may not be so easily understandable to public outside South-East Europe, although I think that everyone will laugh at "Lol". The film counts on younger public, but was fun for me, and I am 54. Characters are of a comic book style, do not expect a usual comedy, this film reminds on a video game, and needs full attention, so that all little details can be caught. For all youngsters - highly recommended, for others - also, if they still are young inside.

  • Well filmed snorefest


    This movie had its bright sides, but overall it is yet another boring Croatian movie. It is a terrible satire with very few cheap laughs. The whole theatre chuckled a few times, but remained quiet (and deadly serious) for most of the time. Scenes with Pavelić were wasted opportunities and people in the theatre only wondered what the hell is going on when he arrived. Lots of high school Croatian humour (note: "Croatian humour" is a lack of humour in my book) References to modern brands, modern technology, shopping centres , internet culture and TV shows were the best part and even they were sometimes completely unoriginal. I understood the satire perfectly, but it really wan't clever. It wasn't great. Trailers and "Heil Katze" video uploaded by News Bar on Youtube were better than the whole movie, so if you watched those, you have seen the funniest bits. Feel free to skip the most boring parts and skip the 2 hour long snorefest of a movie with a story that felt too long and not complete at the same time. I understood the ending....but I did not like it. 3/10-What's wrong with you Croatia, why can't you produce decent movies? Serbian filmmakers do not have Hollywood budgets but they make decent movies all the time. It's like the whole film industry died in Croatia after the war.

  • Amusing Film


    Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic (national hero Ljiljan Vidic) is a pretty amusing croatian language comedy set in during World War II. It's about a young poet, Ljiljan who joins the communist partisans to help fight against the Nazis and Croatian fascists (ustashe). He and his partisan friends enter a talent show with the hope of assassinating Hitler. If you are looking for historical accuracy and gritty realistic look at WW2 look elsewhere. This is a broad spoof with allusions to modern pop culture, music and technology. The film can be vulgar at times and a little on the childish side but I found it amusing. I would recommend it if you are looking for wacky, irreverent comedy. The only issues for English speakers is that I'm not sure if there is an English subtitled version out and you might miss out on some of the jokes if you do not understand the context/culture. It's also surprisingly well shot and the costumes are well done.

  • What on the heaven's earth is this?


    This movie is so, so lame. I didn't laugh at all and was embarrassed most of the time, and so were other moviegoers.

  • Not funny as expected but OK


    Croatian movies lack humour, but I had high expectations on this one, since it's trailer was very promising. Unfortunately, the trailer has most of the best parts from the film. Can't say there aren't many (often verbal or written) jokes in the film, but they didn't make me laugh, just put a mild smile on my face or more often "I got this one" reaction. I mean - I can't say the film is bad, far from that - but it's hard to say it's good either. Some actors are great, usual Croatian problem of actors behaving like they are acting in a theater is not present, camera is OK, but I expected more from humour after I've seen trailer. People who aren't from former Yugoslavia will hardly get half of the jokes in the film, since they are local, and there are many small details that have to be noticed. So to summ it up - after watching the film for the first time I was not positive about it, but I watched it once again the day-two after, because I wanted to see some scenes again.


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