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Nati 2 volte (2019)

Nati 2 volte (2019)

Fabio TroianoEuridice AxenMarco PalvettiRosalinda Celentano
Pierluigi Di Lallo


Nati 2 volte (2019) is a Italian movie. Pierluigi Di Lallo has directed this movie. Fabio Troiano,Euridice Axen,Marco Palvetti,Rosalinda Celentano are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Nati 2 volte (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

After twenty-five years of voluntary exile in Milan, 40-year-old Maurizio Di Tullio finds himself forced to return to Foligno, his hometown, to speed up the bureaucratic procedure to modify his birth certificate, necessary to complete the transition process from being a woman (named Teresa) to become a man. But the public servant who should implement this simple bureaucratic operation is Giorgio De Santo, his first and only boyfriend. When Maurizio finds him in front of him, he cannot tell him the truth, fearing his judgment. A scruple that sets in motion a series of misunderstandings that force Maurizio to deal with the past that he hoped he had left behind forever. To complicate matters, he meets Paula Badenes, a fascinating champion of civil rights. For Maurizio it is love at first sight, but Paula is Giorgio's partner and to make matters worse she has spent many years of their relationship trying to make him forget his first love Teresa. Will Maurizio be able to undo all the knots...


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