Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012)

Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012)

Song Joong-KiPark Bo-YoungYeong-ran LeeJang Young-Nam
Sung-hee Jo


Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012) is a Korean movie. Sung-hee Jo has directed this movie. Song Joong-Ki,Park Bo-Young,Yeong-ran Lee,Jang Young-Nam are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012) is considered one of the best Drama,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

An offer to buy her property brings elderly Kim Sun-yi back to the country cottage she briefly lived in during eventful times in her youth. With her granddaughter by her side, Sun-yi recalls meeting Cheol-su, not only a feral orphan from Korean war days but a mute boy genetically spliced with wolf DNA by a rogue scientist, now deceased. She effectively tames the unsocialized lad through dog obedience training, and he soon becomes more than a loyal companion, protecting her from the rude advances of her late father's business partner's ne'er-do-well, spoiled, self-centered son, Ji-tae, who fully expects Sun-yi to marry him someday. He would claim her as his own sooner than that if not for Cheol-su, who transforms into an unbeatable werewolf anytime someone threatens a member of his pack, leading Ji-tae to work towards a permanent solution to this problem.


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Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012) Reviews

  • Nice romantic fantasy


    The title is misleading because he isn't exactly a werewolf and it isn't a horror movie. It is called Wolf Boy in Korea, which is a much better name. The main part of the movie is about socializing a feral child and the sweet relationship that develops between him and his adopted family, especially the older daughter. Although there are elements of fantasy toward the end of the story, enjoyment of the movie doesn't depend on that. The cinematography is lovely and the acting is excellent, except for the villain being a little over the top. Although the movie seems to be geared toward teens and young adults, it is also entertaining for mature audiences who like a classic kind of emotional ride.

  • A heartwarming story that made even some middle-aged men cry


    Agree with the previous poster that the title is somewhat misleading--the title character isn't exactly your typical werewolf, and the movie isn't really a Korean version of Twilight (except for maybe one or two scenes in the movie that were somewhat reminiscent). Rather, it's an emotional love story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and really pull at your heartstrings, like only a classic Korean romantic film knows how to do. I watched this at my local theater, and almost everyone cried at some point during the movie--most of the girls were bawling towards the end and I noticed that even many of the guys were crying (including some middle-aged men!). If you're going to see this movie, I highly recommend taking some tissues with you.

  • Funny - moving - breath-taking!


    The movie is about a family moving to the countryside because of the eldest daughter's lung ailment. There they meet a wild boy living all by himself in the barn and decide to take care of him. As he slowly becomes part of the family the oldest daughter is trying to introduce him into society. As I've seen many Korean Movies so far I can say for sure this is the best for now. Most of the Korean Movies have been too boring but this one was captivating the whole time. The instrumentals are excellent: touching, suitable and not too intrusive. The thespian abilities are convincing. I have to hype most of all Song Joong Ki's (the wolf boy's) ability to mime the confused, seemingly mentally retarded and overly protective little Kid within an adult man's body. Most of the Dialogues are meaningful and relevant but the best conversation is the silent one between the main characters. You can automatically understand all that they are feeling towards each other in the process. All in all this Movie was one of the few that was able to make me feel in the midst of everything. I was crying, laughing and holding my breath throughout.

  • beautiful movie :)


    this is a beautiful yet sad movie. song joongki gave a brilliant acting here although he was almost stayed silent throughout the movie. his gestures and stares are so intense and full of details. amazing. you gotta watch the film! i'm sure by watching this, you'll grow fond to chungsoo character and hate jitae as much as i am. hahaha. oh and please don't compare this to twilight. they are obviously different. i prefer this movie a lot rather than twilight. A Werewolf Boy is just so funny and heartwarming on the first half of the movie. But when it hits the second half, well you may be as well as crying and dying inside. it's such a tear-jerker movie. great movie after all :)

  • buckets of tears...


    Wow. This movie was just simply lovely, honestly I haven't watched a movie this wonderful since Sunny. I enjoyed Werewolf Boy on so many levels, that I personally think whatever movie I watch here after is going to have a hard time following up. ending to this movie (according to my friend) **SPOILERS AHEAD** I personally felt as though the end of the movie took a risky turn. The movie ending with Park Bo Young's character leaving Song Joong Ki, and moving out into the world, getting married and even having a grandchild. What broke me was that when she returned to the house years later he was there waiting for her, he hadn't aged and was wearing the same clothes she found him in, while she had aged and lived her life to the fullest. It highlighted one of things most people hate to admit and avoid realizing, through time, no matter how much you love a person, slowly they become only a memory. Honestly this really upset me, for the whole day after the movie I tried to wrap my head around the reason why the director would leave such a sad ending. Until my sister pointed out that, yes Suni did move on with her life, Chul Soo didn't. Many people we meet in our lives will become a memory to us, but that there are people who will be stay, never changing and awaiting our return. And with that I say, FOUR FOR YOU JO SUNG HEE! YOU GO JO SUNG HEE! Sorry, I'm slightly tired writing this review. Seriously though, this was a great movie, beautifully shot, amazingly written, a wonderfully portrayed through many talented actors and actresses. Everyone should watch this movie when they get an opportunity. Park Bo Young was endearing as Suni, what started off as a troubled and hurting teenage girl transformed into a warm and spirit filled women. But it was of course Song Joong Ki and his scenes with Park Bo Young that captivated me. What surprised me the most about Song Joong Ki was that you could literally count the lines he had in the movie on two hands. Yet he was able to convey so much emotion simply by his interactions with Park Bo Young. His eyes spoke louder then any amount of words could ever convey. Never have I been so captivated by any one character in a movie. I was actually unaware of this but CGV Cinema actually released an alternate


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