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Never Grow Old (2019)

Never Grow Old (2019)

Emile HirschJohn CusackDéborah FrançoisMolly McCann
Ivan Kavanagh


Never Grow Old (2019) is a English,Italian movie. Ivan Kavanagh has directed this movie. Emile Hirsch,John Cusack,Déborah François,Molly McCann are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Never Grow Old (2019) is considered one of the best Drama,Western movie in India and around the world.

An Irish undertaker profits when outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town, but his family comes under threat as the death toll rises.

Never Grow Old (2019) Reviews

  • DRAMA/WESTERN - Not an action or a thriller...


    Please change the genre titles on this movie. The movie is not even close to being an action movie. This is a drama/western that could maybe and I mean MAYBE considered to ever so slightly be considered a thriller. The movie is well shot and acted in my opinion. The story has been done a million times before though and with a movie like this you'd expect some solid action/thrills to bring some excitement to a script we've all seen executed better in previous movies. The 2 main actors were solid but this movie is boring.

  • Good vs Evil


    John Cusack and Emile Hirsch make this film worth watching. Hirsch is an Irish carpenter and undertaker whose business has taken a severe hit due to a fire and brimstone minister's campaign to clean up an old west town's tavern and brothel. Along comes Cusack's sinful character who brings both ladies of the night and booze to liven up things a bit. Dead bodies turn up at an alarming rate and the undertaker makes a killing. Of course it is a Faustian bargain with unforeseen consequences. An excellent script and fine Irish countryside as background make this a top notch movie. A solid 8/10.

  • A dark and entertaining Western


    Cusak and Hirsch shine in this morality tale about an Undertaker (Hirsch) who in a moment of weakness befriends the evil which keeps his pockets filled. Look out for the Reverend who has clearly studied the acting of Gary Oldman!

  • Dark & Boring


    I am a fan of westerns but this one was too dark, too boring and had nothing to offer.I don't recommend it.

  • Very boring and weak story line


    Let me start by saying I am a fan of both Emile Hirsch and John Cusack. But this is a horrible movie. Do not waste your time watching this. From start to finish this movie is a borefest. The story is loose and pieces of the movie doesn't fit or doesn't make much sense. I only continued watching it because I thought it must get better soon. But it never happened. Definitely wish I skipped this one.


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