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New Blood Rising (2014)

New Blood Rising (2014)

Kayla ElizabethDana FurlongVanessa LeonardThomas Sloan
Chad Zuver


New Blood Rising (2014) is a English movie. Chad Zuver has directed this movie. Kayla Elizabeth,Dana Furlong,Vanessa Leonard,Thomas Sloan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. New Blood Rising (2014) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Jade, her sister Ophelia, and brother Bryce, are the last three vampires in the world. They come into this small town to figure out a plan to restore their bloodline and raise an army of vampires. Jade says she needs someone with pure and innocent blood to restore balance to the family and for Jade to take over the world. Bryce finds a young girl named Brie, who is exactly what Jade wants. The one thing standing in the way of Jade's plan, is the group of vampire hunters that just moved in next to Brie's house. The Hunters are lead by Archer, and is followed by Karver, Riley, and Ash. Their lone goal is to protect Brie from Jade and her siblings and finally put an end to the vampires.


New Blood Rising (2014) Reviews

  • Amazing Low Budget Movie


    I wasn't really knowing what to expect from New Blood Rising. I thought the trailer looked amazing and it made me want to see it. I ordered the movie online. After watching it, I was surprised at what I just seen. New Blood Rising does show it has a low budget or even no budget. But the story is so good, you forget about the budget. Chad Zuver wrote an amazing story and executed it perfectly. There are some rough spots in the movie, but every movie is going to have that. But the final product turned out great. I respect the indie film community and this is a reason why. The acting was top notch all across the board. Except for one actor. Nathan Pelland was horrible and I didn't like his character at all. I'm not sure if it was from the script or the actor himself. But I couldn't stand him. Kayla Elizabeth, Vanessa Leonard, Dana Furlong, and Thomas Sloan were the glue that held the movie together. All four of them were outstanding and I want to see more of them. Kayla and Vanessa were incredibility interesting as the vampire sisters. They both of some serious acting talents. All in all, New Blood Rising is a fun movie that everyone has to see. Who cares about the production budget for the movie. The story and acting eliminate the lack of funds. I give tons of credit to Chad Zuver for making a great movie.

  • Better than expected


    I have lived in northwest Ohio my entire life. I knew of a few movie companies in the area. I wasn't impressed with one that has done some zombies movies. So I didn't really know what to expect here. I saw Chad Zuver on the news and liked the trailer. My wife is a huge Twilight fan (please don't ask) and she was excited to see the movie. We went to the theater and was glad that we were able to make the first showing. The entire theater was packed. The movie was a lot better than you would expect. The story is down right amazing and keeps you drawn into the movie. I give a lot of credit to Chad for making an interesting story. It was original and something a lot different. It felt like a breath of fresh air. I know in indie movies, the story and acting are what drives the movie. That is exactly what New Blood Rising does. The acting is rough at some times, but a few actors stood out more than others. Kayla Elizabeth and Vanessa Leonard were terrific as the lead vampire girls. They really played the part to a tee. They both seemed perfect for the part. So it was perfect casting for the roles. I really liked Dana Furlong as the lead girl, she looked and worked the part perfection. With the Hunters, Lisa Marie and Thomas Sloan were great. Even though he had a small role, I really liked James Fite's character. I loved his small scene closer to the end of the movie. He was an enjoyable character. The movie does have a low budget, but it didn't bother me once. My wife loved the indie feel to it. She said it worked perfectly for the movie. There was some minor issues with the movie, but I won't discredit it. We both had a great time and an awesome theater experience. It was probably one of the best times we had at a theater. Loved that Chad did a Q&A with the audience. I'm not going to hate that he didn't see my arm up. But in all honestly. I agree with everyone that has left reviews before. This is a great movie to watch. It is by far from perfect, but it is worth your time. I am very much looking forward to Chad's next project Night of the Living Dead.

  • My Review Of "New Blood Rising"


    The story presented by Zuver with "New Blood Rising" offers a twist, placing vampire as victim (sort of) and man as violator (again-sort of). It is a view that is under-told in horror. Usually television medium is the ones focusing on the supernatural as being persecuted so it is a fresh change to see the roles flipped. The film gives a strong story arc that seems coherent and complete-a lot of indie films, especial low budget horror, tend to rush the story and loose a lot of the meat of the story. Chad Zuver as director manages to give us a clear vision that holds one's attention from start to finish. The acting is pretty well executed, the cast show commitment to their characters, execute their lines effortlessly. True that some of the needed emotion to really sell the story falls flat at times, but for low budget/homemade style indie cinema "New Blood Rising" delivers a quality product. The action scenes didn't really have much impact, and the special effects are bare minimum. That would normally kill a film like this but considering the cast's ability to keep the story alive through drama, and dialog from start to finish I enjoyed watching is vampire flick-"New Blood Rising". Overall the film puts out a nice story, gives a unique view on a over- tapped subject, and is entertaining. This is ultra low budget cinema with an "amateur" cast, (amateur being a relative term here because I recognized the names from a couple other projects), so if you are expecting something with high production value or effects gimmicks that dazzle then "New Blood Rising" will disappoint you. If you are a fan of low budget/homemade horror that is nicely executed, gives good story and is entertaining on a stripped down scale, then "New Blood Rising" is one of those films you will enjoy. I dug it- I recognized the vision Zuver was trying present, enjoyed the ride and felt a bit of the lost Gen-X vibe that indie film once held.

  • Must see movie


    I had the privileged to check out this movie. This is without a doubt, the best non-budget movie, I've seen. The story draws you in and keeps you focused and interested in the movie. The acting is outstanding and a few of the actors stood out more than the others. I thought Kayla Elizabeth, Vanessa Leonard, Thomas Sloan, James Fite, and Ashley King were great in their roles. Kayla and Vanessa were without the best in their roles as vampire sisters. I really didn't bother being a member of IMDb before. But after I saw this movie, I had to tell everyone about it. Everyone really needs to see this movie. This isn't a movie that will waste your time. You will have a great experience watching this. I hope that Chad Zuver submits it the festivals here in Seattle. I go to every one, every year and I know movies. New Blood Rising could definitely win those. Thank you Chad Zuver for making such a wonderful movie. You are really a talented director. Good luck on your projects and I will be keeping an eye on those.

  • New Blood Rising is worth a see


    I have lived in Swanton, Ohio my entire life. I never knew there was a movie studio in town. I finally found out there was one, after seeing New Blood Rising. I check out the other movies from the company and I wasn't impressed at all. I noticed that the director Chad Zuver started his own company Shattered Images Films. I'm really excited to see what will happen with the future of the company. If Chad continues to make movies like New Blood Rising, he will be the best director that came from Ohio. New Blood Rising is really a fun movie to watch. I really love the story and it is original. I'm not much of a fan of vampire movies, because they have been done to death. I think the Twilight series ruined it for me. But I went into the movie with an open movie. I didn't expect Hollywood acting or big budget effects. You will be really disappointed if you think that. You do walk away with a fun experience with the movie. You get some really good acting from Kayla Elizabeth, Vanessa Leonard, Thomas Sloan, Lisa Marie, Ashley King, and James Fite. Nothing against the other actors, I was hoping to see more of them. I do know someone that was in the movie and I won't say his name. But he was by far the worst actor in the entire movie. Kayla and Vanessa were the most interesting characters in the entire movie. It's like their parts were custom made for them. I dug Thomas Sloan as Karver and he seemed to play the underdog hero role. You won't waste your time watching New Blood Rising. It is really one of the best independent movies I've ever seen and I have see a lot of movies. I can't wait to see more work from Chad Zuver and Shattered Images Films.


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