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New Terminal Hotel (2010)

New Terminal Hotel (2010)

Stephen Geoffreys Tiffany Shepis Ezra Buzzington
BC Furtney


New Terminal Hotel (2010) is a English movie. BC Furtney has directed this movie. Stephen Geoffreys, Tiffany Shepis, Ezra Buzzington are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. New Terminal Hotel (2010) is considered one of the best Crime,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) isn't the usual tenant found in the skid row hotels of downtown L.A. Grief-stricken since the murder of his fiancee Katherin, the successful screenwriter-turned murderous vigilante is bent on revenge against studio head Stanley Glissberg, the man cleared of murder charges in Katherin's death. Don can't forget - and Glissberg's going to pay. Enter Don's tenacious literary agent, Ava Collins (Tiffany Shepis), who tracks him down and wants to sell his manuscript - if there is one - or cut him loose. He assures her he's holed-up in the cheap room to write, and his story's a work-in-progress. Adding to his slippery slope, Don calls in a favor from a neighbor, and in doing so, uncovers despicable abuses down the hall. Spitz (Ezra Buzzington) is a hard-drinking former Marine and paraplegic, with a penchant for hookers and a violent streak. When he demands a return of the favor, Don must choose between turning a blind eye, or quickening his own destructive spiral...


New Terminal Hotel (2010) Reviews

  • Do not disturb this one from sitting in Redbox kiosks going unrented


    In this edited-down version of "New Terminal Hotel", screenwriter Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys, Fright Night, 976-Evil, and quiet possibly one of the worst horror film I've ever seen Mr. Hush), still smarting from his girlfriend being murdered, decides to get vengeance while holed up in a seedy motel room andkeeping a powerful movie producer drugged up in the bathtub. Tiffany Shepis is (former Tromette) Ava, his heavily put-upon agent who becomes an unwitting accessory in the macabre little game he's playing. Oh and Corey Haim has a small cameo for no reason whatsoever. It's a slowly paced film and I'd only label it horror loosely. However, seeing this after Don's film, Mr.Hush, it can't help but appear to be a better film, if only by default. Worth what I paid to watch it (for the sake of transparency, I get four free rentals from Redbox Instant per month, this is the first one I picked for August) but if you've paid more than me, you'll likely to be horribly disappointed. The film is disjointed, awkward, slow and not particularly engaging. Eye Candy: Danielle Fortwangler gets topless, Tara Sukustis shows T&A

  • Why...


    There should be an extra tax for abysmal theatrical productions. This was a wretched waste of time. My senses want to be compensated for the time spent on this. Since there is a requirement for how long a review should be I decided to think if there was any good walk aways from this flic. I guess the fact that it started off a bit confusing but with enough plot development that it kept my attention long enough to watch more was a promising thing. But soon after I realized that I was only sticking around for disappointment. Others may find this as something interesting or entertaining enough with which to pass the time. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

  • A good waste of 90 min!


    New Terminal Hotel is a film about a writer who explores the dark side of murder while living in a seedy hotel. Various characters come into his life and he disposes of them one by one. Tiffany Shepis plays the Writers Agent, constantly snooping around looking for his latest, greatest script, Eventually she gets too close and gets implicated in his crimes. Some good performances by various cast members create an interesting film with a good brutal conclusion. Corey Haim plays once of the writers victims, his role in the film is really painful to watch cause of his really bad British accent and I was actually quite glad he dies so I didn't have to suffer through much of it. Stephen Geoffreys plays the writer/killer and is pretty solid. Watch Erza Buzzington, he really rips up the screen with his performance, and has some of the best lines in the whole film. Overall it was a good waste of 90 min.



    Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) is a professional screen writer and amateur surgeon and vigilante. In the opening scene he torture/kills his screen producer while having flashbacks to a woman. He shares his crime with his understanding agent (Tiffany Shepis) who didn't like the producer either. Don stays at a dive hotel in the high crime area of town for the ambiance of his writing. Outside of the killing, Don is rather dull. Tiffany Shepis is a more animated character, but wasn't enough to carry the film. The movie ended at an interesting point, one that should have happened about 30 minutes into the film. The dullness of Don's character made the film slow and lifeless. A low end rental at best. Released in 2010 as "New Terminal Hotel" now making its way around Redbox with a new title "Do Not Disturb." Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Danielle Fortwangler, Tara Sukustis)

  • "B" Movie Uniquely done


    The industry for what we know as "B" style format films has many that are ridiculously done. New Terminal Hotel "AKA" "Do Not Disturb" re-released in 2013 has a creative flare to it's style. The story was unique and fresh as a man whose fiancé was murdered looks to exact revenge in a abysmal manner. The style in which this film was shot gives it the edge. The acting is not horrible as it appears to be emotionally driven with a few of the actors. The one flaw in my opinion is this film was a waste of Corey Haim's talent and he should not have been in it. Good writing, good character development but the editing was shaky and split in a few places. I give this a 4 out of 10


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