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Offline (2012)

Offline (2012)

Wim WillaertAnemone ValckeMourade ZeguendiPatricia Goemaere
Peter Monsaert


Offline (2012) is a Dutch,French movie. Peter Monsaert has directed this movie. Wim Willaert,Anemone Valcke,Mourade Zeguendi,Patricia Goemaere are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Offline (2012) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

After seven years in prison, Rudy has set himself two clear objectives: get back to work as a washing machine repairman, and - more importantly - become reconciled with the family he had left behind. But despite the help and support of Denise, a retired hairdresser, and his prison friend Rachid, a taxi driver his plans fail. His wife categorically forbids him to see his teenage daughter, Vicky. Upon learning from Patrick that she works part-time in a sex-cam chat, he registers in it under Rachid's name and begins to communicate with her. However, the past reminds of itself again, and he has to make the most difficult decision in his life.


Offline (2012) Reviews

  • Authentic, atmospheric Flemish film


    The very first scene of this film shows that Peter Monsaert is a talented director. We see a static image of cars and trucks passing on a road, but we also see a pattern of black lines from the top to the bottom of the screen. After a few seconds, the flutter of a bird becomes visible and we realize the lines are in fact a bird cage, positioned in front of the camera lens. After a few more seconds, while the camera remains static, the cage is removed and carried into a waiting bus by a man. In itself this is a strong scene, but only after seeing the whole film the symbolism becomes clear. The man has just been released from prison, so the bird cage in fact represents the bars behind which he has spent seven years of his life. The viewer follows the man, Rudy, while he tries to find an apartment and a job, and unsuccessfully contacts his ex-wife. After a while, he becomes obsessed with a young web-cam girl. The girl, in turn, is intrigued by this anonymous man who isn't interested in her taking off her bra, but in really getting to know her. What follows, is the slow disentangling of a web of traumatic family secrets. The script very cleverly gives the viewer small hints, the meaning of which becomes clear as the film progresses. Monsaert has made a fine atmospheric film, that captures the viewer from beginning to end. The use of local dialects gives the movie a nice authentic feeling, but unfortunately necessitated the use of subtitles, even for the Flemish audiences. I was particularly pleased with the way he used locations in the Belgian city Ghent, which happens to be the city I live in. Instead of showing the picturesque city centre, he sets the story in the gritty, industrial north side, with its rows of small working-class houses and cheap high-rise buildings overlooking the harbour docks. This film was a big success at the festival of Amiens. Hopefully, it can become a hit in the festival circuit after its run in the Flemish cinemas.

  • Moving film


    Tonight I went to the best cinema in Antwerp (Belgium), Cartoons, to see Offline. I came out moved and impressed and speechless. The story is complex and keeps you interested all the time. The topics are relevant: Do you get a second chance in life? Do you deserve a second chance? Would you sacrifice your own feelings and your relationship with your child because you owe someone something? How can you build up a relationship? And so on.... Although the film has an open end, I left the cinema with the hope that everything will turn out fine. What a relief! The acting is great, even in the supporting roles. The camera and the editing is up to very high standards. I sat there in my chair caught in the story, completely lost in the film. If you have the chance to see Offline: go and see it. It is even better than "The broken circle breakdown" which is probably the most talked about film this year in Belgium.

  • online and face-to-face communication


    The main quality of the Belgian-Flemish 'Offline' lies in the cleverly spread tense of its plot. Covering & uncovering the drama of a split-up family, this excellent build-up is sure to keep you anxious-to-know throughout. Tightly woven with today's IT-technology, 'Offline's story almost cruelly reveals something else, too: the difference between human communication online and in real. Telling us once again that the computer often polishes reality up. A special mentioning must be for 'Offline's soundtrack, performed by the Belgian rock-group 'Triggerfinger'. Add to that a good acting by everyone involved, as well as an adequate shooting. Being Belgian, 'Offline' takes its time to present its plot to you - a little more time than you may be used to in English and American films.


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