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On the Job (2013)

On the Job (2013)

Piolo PascualGerald AndersonJoel TorreJoey Marquez
Erik Matti


On the Job (2013) is a Filipino,Tagalog,English movie. Erik Matti has directed this movie. Piolo Pascual,Gerald Anderson,Joel Torre,Joey Marquez are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. On the Job (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A gritty film about four men struggling to survive and a make living for themselves and their respective loved ones. Two are former prison inmates, hired as contract killers, and the two other are law enforcers and investigators, caught in the loop of corrupt government officials. Mario intends to go straight when he gets parole, and Daniel a younger inmate and Mario's apprentice, is set to replace him as hired killer. Joaquin and Francis are the police officers tangled in a moral conflict. The two groups inevitably collide.


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On the Job (2013) Reviews

  • Fast paced thriller with satisfying ending


    On The Job is exciting not only because of its story that tackled the gun-for-hire business, something that maybe unique in the Philippines, because of its rampant killings; it is also exciting because the birth of new Philippine cinema is now palpable. The past years have seen new writers and directors handle different urban poor stories, this one not only gives us a glimpse on the machinery of the killing business and how it affects the lives of the poor, but also let us see the powerful rich (the military) that runs the country. Every actor did a good job, although I feel Angel Aquino looks a little too glamorous for her role. The script was believable, the pacing was fast, the characters were given enough time to develop (except maybe Marquez's son's story that did not develop further) and most of all, I love the realistic ending. I also like that the movie left a glimmer of hope when the police partner recovered the phone. With all the horrors happening in the society, there is still hope. I think this is one of the year's best, I am happy that people went to see this movie and I hope other worthy films will get wider audience next time.

  • ON THE JOB... a job well done!


    The story and pacing smoothly complimented each other. I like how the intensity just builds up right from the get go during the first scene up until the last one. Wonderfully moody cinematography combines with an excellent soundtrack and some breathlessly tight editing to create a surprisingly dark and nihilistic film. It's also great to see characters that were fleshed out especially that of the three main characters. We get to know them more instead of simply just following what they do. This is one of the things I like about the film in terms of characterization, we get a glimpse of their individual lives as opposed to just going right at the center of the conflict. This film pretty much shows what an ensemble really is. There are really no small roles here, as everyone's given something to do and they all did their parts well. From the opening assassination to the hospital shootout to the sequence that closes the film, the action beats in "On the Job" are technically polished while simultaneously visceral—even intimate—in their brutality. Matti and his cohorts have scored a home-run here.

  • It's a great movie


    I am surprised to see this movie is just 6+ here on IMDb as it's definitely an 8+ movie. It's full of action. They movie has good acting, good story and good speed. It's never boring and is made well. There is lots of action and it's done very well. The actors are well cast and their acting is good too. There is a story and we get to see the life in Manila. The shooting is realistic and so are the action scenes. See the trailer before you decide to skip this movie as that will change your mind. Don't go by the rating here as this is definitely skewed (I am not sure why?)This movie is way better than that and lot's of Hollywood action movies. If you like action movies this is for you and it will keep you on edge right through.

  • Eloquence in Violence


    Mario (Joel Torre)and Daniel (Gerald Anderson) are convicts who are being sneaked out of prison and hired as hit men by a powerfully-connected syndicate. Mario is set for retiring since he is to be released from prison already, while Daniel is his apprentice and heir-apparent. After they bungle a job to execute a policeman, the secure web of protection around them begin to unravel as an idealistic NBI lawyer Francis Coronel Jr. (Piolo Pascual) and a maverick but honest policeman PO1 Joaquin Acosta (Joey Marquez) threaten to throw this assassination ring wide open to its highest levels. "On the Job" is a gritty, honest, no-holds-barred Filipino film. The script by Michiko Yamamoto and Erik Matti fearlessly trace the operations of this gun-for-hire business from the lowly trainees to the gunmen to the middlemen (Vivian Velez) to the connections inside the prison (William Martinez) to the police protectors (Lito Pimentel) to the higher echelons of the military. We also get to peek into the family lives of these men. Mario has a wife (Angel Aquino) who is cuckolding him and a daughter (Empress Schuck) in law school. Francis is married to the daughter (Shaina Magdayao) of a lawmaker (Michael de Mesa) who is the pawn of a corrupt general (Leo Martinez). Joaquin has been at odds with his boss, stuck at being PO1 even after 30 years of service, with a harried wife (Rosanna Roces) and a drug pusher as a son (JM de Guzman). The theme and the style is indie but the stars are big names. It may be considered distracting for indie purists, but this stunt casting of actors against type was actually part of the charm of this film. I have to admit though that the most difficult casting decision to accept was Gerald Anderson, not only because of his attractive mestizo looks (hitmen should not be too conspicuous, should they?), but because he had to act side by side with the flawless Joel Torre. Torre was a man possessed in this role, he was never out of character up to the very end, always very believable and realistic. Piolo Pascual postured a lot in the start, which made his characterization unconvincing at first. However when he got into the groove of his character, especially in the second half, he will get us over on his side. Joey Marquez was a puzzling choice of an actor for a character in this film. At first, during the teasers, I thought he was badly miscast in this role as a cop. But as I was watching the film, I realized the wisdom of his casting. He was key in providing the moments which served to lighten the intense mood this film creates. The technical aspects of the film are very good, particularly the cinematography and the film editing. The atmosphere created was very tense and exciting. The suspense was unbearable as the pacing is frenetic and you would not know what will happen with succeeding scenes. This film is NOT predictable. Despite being an excellent film, there are some cons, but relatively minor issues only. I have already mentioned how the casting of Anderson stretched believability. Also, the addition of what seemed to be unnecessary sex scenes for both Anderson and Pascual sort of derailed from the story a bit.

  • More movies like this in the Philippines!


    This is the type of movie I will not be ashamed to recommend to some of my foreigner friends. The story was well-written, and the casting was just superb, not because the actors were mainstream, but because they kept me captivated in an agonizing kind of way. It's high time for us to support this kind of film. Filipinos should not only support the mainstream films but should really start realizing that this is the type of movie our country needs to produce so our people will have their eyes widely open with the rampant corruption in this country and be responsible enough in casting their votes during election.


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