Outlaw Country (2012)

Outlaw Country (2012)

Mary SteenburgenLuke GrimesHaley BennettJohn Hawkes
Adam Arkin,Michael Dinner


Outlaw Country (2012) is a English movie. Adam Arkin,Michael Dinner has directed this movie. Mary Steenburgen,Luke Grimes,Haley Bennett,John Hawkes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Outlaw Country (2012) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A crime thriller and family drama set against the backdrop of southern organized crime and Nashville royalty, where music, love, hope, and tragedy collide.

Outlaw Country (2012) Reviews

  • TV needs this


    With The Sopranos and Weeds on it's last season all we're left with is too many stupid medical dramas(come on Grey's Anatomy die already) and shows about solving crimes or catching murderers. What we need is a show that doesn't have to make a statement. We need a show that is wild, exhilarating , and dangerous yet oh so thrilling to watch of course a little less graphic than Sons of Anarchy. At first I thought it was a movie and when I watched it as a movie at the end I thought that was pretty good but why would you end it like that. Once realizing that it was a pilot for a TV show and watching it over with a different mindset I realized wow this will be great when and who is picking this up only to realize the disappointment of learning that it had been passed up.

  • Leaves you wanting more!


    I really enjoyed it and think that FX made a mistake by not taking it on as a full series. I would love to see what happens next. I just don't get it some of the series they have are horrible compared to this. I get the since of what happens next, I actually care to set my DVR, I tried looking it up on line to see when the next episode was only to find out it was a turned down series. I think Outlaw Country is not getting as much credit as it deserves all the parts are there to captivate an audience. The way they make it seem is that it never stood a chance and I personally think they are dead wrong! Keep it coming FX...WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!

  • Very good.


    Very good first show,surprised it was dropped,hope somebody else has the foresight to screen it in the future.Thought it contained not too many different story lines/plots and was obviously easy to follow.Combined good music,nice settings and believable characters and situations.Lets hope we see a lot more in the not too distant future.Cheers.I was drawn to viewing this programme/film by the title and was not disappointed.Firstly Outlaw makes me think it's going to be about criminals or/and fugitives and secondly Country makes me think it's going to be set out in the wilderness.I was right on both accounts I think and then had the bonus that there was plenty of Country music as well to be enjoyed.Please somebody out there take up Outlaw Country for us fans.

  • Great show!


    At first I was sorry I turned this on. After 20 minutes I was hooked! I sure hope this makes it into a series. Love the casting!Who would have thought Mary Steenburgen would be believable as a country singer? And the storyline. Romance, murder, mayhem, music. It has everything you'd want in an entertaining show. Has a true Southern feel to it. A lot of money went into making this work. Please, more episodes!I rarely watch network TV, but this would be something to look forward to every week.Can anyone in Hollywood hear me? Like another reviewer said, there are a lot of crummy shows on the air. This would be an exception. Kind of like an other side of the tracks Dallas.

  • Travis Fimmel


    I wanted to buy this movie because of Travis Fimmel was staring in it,,

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