Petty Blue (2010)

Petty Blue (2010)

Kevin CostnerLandon FowlkesMike HeltonDale Inman
Mike Viney


Petty Blue (2010) is a English movie. Mike Viney has directed this movie. Kevin Costner,Landon Fowlkes,Mike Helton,Dale Inman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Petty Blue (2010) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

A biography of NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty, with featuring interviews with Petty and his fellow race-car drivers and footage from his past races.

Petty Blue (2010) Reviews

  • A dynasty of NASCAR drivers


    This story is so interesting that you won't even mind they're talking about NASCAR (personaly I don't have any interest in that sport). As long as you like motor sports you can't help but admire what the Petty Family has accomplished. This documentary takes you for long ride, starting at the dawn of stock car racing till now with each generations of the petty family being a part of it. Along with the story there's always anecdotes and fun trivia to keep it fresh and down to earth. The family and friends, who were involved share their experience and what they were going through. The overall feeling you get is dedication and passion, even if Richard Petty was blessed with an incredible talent, you still can imagine yourself in his shoes and feel somehow the emotions. The crew and narrator did a good job, there's pace and you feel connected. The only default is sometime the time-line and the people involved is unclear but it's really a small detail. There's also historic footage which has been restored and many background details which will help neophytes. I like it, I hope you give it a try even if you're not a NASCAR fan.


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