Pixels (2015)

Pixels (2015)

Adam SandlerKevin JamesMichelle MonaghanPeter Dinklage
Chris Columbus


Pixels (2015) is a English,Hindi,Japanese movie. Chris Columbus has directed this movie. Adam Sandler,Kevin James,Michelle Monaghan,Peter Dinklage are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Pixels (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Sam has been one of the best arcade gamers of his time. Once in an international tournament NASA sent the video recording of all the games to space for intelligent beings to find and know more about humans. However the aliens interpreted the games as a challenge and began attacking Earth using the video game data. It's now up to Sam and other old time arcade game champions to save the Earth from the video game alien invasion.


Pixels (2015) Reviews

  • Ignore The Pretentious & Pompous Film Critics


    I'm really not quite sure what the film critics were expecting from this film. It's a movie about a video game apocalypse starring Adam Sandler. What in the world were they expecting? Citizen Kane? The Godfather? The problem with these so-called film critics today is that they're impervious to accepting anything at face value. I believe it got such awful review from critics because it starred a lot of big name actors and maybe they expected more substance from them; but you have to look at the source material before making those determinations. This is a tongue-in-cheek slapstick comedy that's meant to entertain people especially those who grew up in the 80's and can relate to the video game evolution nostalgia of that time. If you watch this movie with that mindset, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  • Great Movie ! Can't Believe all the Abysmal Reviews


    I think some people are expecting WAY too much out of this movie. It's a kids movie which has a lot of appeal for adults. It's one of the more appealing kids movies I've seen in years. It's definitely geared more towards the 8-12 crowd, rather than younger kids' movies (like Despicable Me, which is also great). The language is a bit course at points, but nothing too bad. I read all these horrible reviews and was not looking forward to it, but it was SO entertaining! I was worried that it would be another crappy Adam Sandler movie (I like him, but he has definitely had some real bombs). But he did NOT try to hijack the entire movie like some people suggest. He shared the screen well with the other actors. Sure, Kevin James was a strange choice as president but, again, IT'S A KIDS MOVIE! While some adults can't handle the package delivery guy from King of Queens being president, most of the target audience probably doesn't even know who he is. And he is NOT playing some bumbling doofus like in Mall Cop. He successfully pulls off the role of a president who is stuck in a video game and I cannot imagine anyone else doing a better job. All in all, the movie was very entertaining (better the the Minions movie I took the kids too last month--snore...). How do you NOT enjoy seeing Pacman gobbling up cars and people like dots on the streets of New York City. Each game was parodied just the right amount. I wouldn't have wanted 90 minutes of any one video game, but I think they are successful in giving you just enough of each video game "battle" to keep in interesting and not boring. It's exciting enough for kids that aren't familiar with the old- school games, but gives some nostalgia (and some subtle grown-up humor) to keep the adults entertained. Sure, no one is going to win an Academy Award for this film, but it is funny, entertaining and an enjoyable way to spend an hour and 45 minutes.

  • This was a perfect family movie!


    Okay, I am actually a little upset I listened to IMDb on this and didn't see it when it first came out. This is my ideal type of movie, a Sci-Fi - Comedy, that is family appropriate. This movie was very well made, graphics were great, and the story line and characters were fun to watch and kept you involved throughout the movie. Its one of the few movies I have seen this year that I actually re-watched and was still loving the movie. Yes, if you are hoping for a curse filled / sexually derogatory movie... you will not be happy with this. But if your looking for a family movie that does not have dora the explore,care bears, barbies, or CGI animals in it... this is a great movie. Perfect for the 20-40 somethings that played the games as kids and now have kids of their own. Wish they would make more movies like this.

  • I really don't understand the ratings on this one


    A 5.5 on IMDb. Really? This movie was not bad! It was funny, action packed, and just all out fun. The idea and the storyline of this movie was very good. It was very creative and it brought back memories of older games such as PAC-MAN, Galaga, and Donkey Kong. The CGI for all the animated game characters was awesome. The cartoony animation was absolutely great and made the characters fit in well with the real world. The comedy was hilarious! I found myself laughing very hard at times and it was just great, classic Happy Madison humor. Part of this was because of the acting which was great by the way. Everyone keeps saying that Adam Sandler is not funny anymore but I disagree. He still was funny at times to me and I thought he did good acting. Kevin James as the president was hysterical. Michelle Monaghan did great. But the two who were just hilarious and almost made you cry because they were so funny was Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad. They were so funny and the stuff they said and did was totally laugh out loud funny. Surprisingly, the action in this movie was really good. The PAC-MAN car chase, the Donkey Kong battle, and the video games attacking the city was great action and there were some cool new stunts I have never seen before and that was nice to see in a comedy film. If you love the old time video games, Happy Madison, good, laugh out loud comedy, and some cool and comical action then you will love this movie. Sit back, don't take it too seriously, and enjoy this fun film.

  • So, after reading the reviews, I had to watch this.


    I enjoyed it, Pixels is much better than people say. It has some really funny parts, and if you grew up in the 80's and played some old games you will like this I am betting. Of course there are some silly parts, but that's how all Adam Sandler movies are. It reminded me a bit of Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. It was fun to watch. Ignore the reviews from critics, the SJW's these days will find anything to complain about and they did with this movie too. They want everything, whether it be a movie, video game, or comic book to cater to them. Anything they find offensive immediately they claim to be insulting and they will overlook anything good about the movie just so they can talk negatively about it. Never listen to an SJW when it comes to reviews, they are awful critics. Watch a movie, and judge it for yourself.


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