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Point Doom (2000)

Point Doom (2000)

Richard GriecoAndrew Dice ClayAngie EverhartJohn Enos III
Art Camacho


Point Doom (2000) is a English movie. Art Camacho has directed this movie. Richard Grieco,Andrew Dice Clay,Angie Everhart,John Enos III are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. Point Doom (2000) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A Hollywood talent agent's girlfriend thrusts him into a world of strip clubs, drugs and deadly motorcycle gangs.

Point Doom (2000) Reviews

  • doomed


    Starring Richard Grieco, fresh from an eyebrow waxing, Andrew Dice Clay, and Angie Everhart, POINT DOOM seemed like a winner. Anyone who hasn't seen at least a frame of Everhart and Grieco's last coupling (they've made 3 films together), LAST CRY aka DANGEROUS DESIRES aka SEXUAL PREDATOR, apparently has a bedtime of seven o'clock. I've seen frames of it in at least four different cities (under each title). After the first credit sequence, we get a phenomenal scene between drug-dealers Zach Galligan, who can actually act, and Ice T, who can't, but who I love anyway for being in BREAKIN' 2 and John Wayne Bobbit's FRANKENPENIS (ohmigod!). Then we get ANOTHER credit sequence before meeting nice guy talent agent Richard Grieco and strip club owner Andrew Dice Clay (reprising his role from PRETTY IN PINK). Grieco whines that he doesn't want to be forty and hanging out in strip clubs, at which point I snicker, and Angie Everhart strips on stage. Now I'm confused, because Grieco looks right past Angie and starts coming onto his blonde waitress with a bad crimping job. You call yourself a talent agent? Angie Everhart is right behind you! Then we get a THIRD credit sequence. Grieco follows Crimpy to the Marmalade Café and advises her to get the chocolate shake instead of the strawberry before admitting, "I want you to come in and read for me," and convincing her that his request has nothing to do with her looks. I'm inclined to believe him, because of the CRIMPING! Crimpy goes home to her sister, Everhart, who wears overalls and barely talks. In all honesty, Crimpy talks about Angie like she's retarded, prompting Angie to re-iterate my thoughts from earlier and say, "I'm standing right here!" Crimpy's Biker boyfriend asks for "the clicker" and settles in for a long dangerous night of watching television. Eventually, Crimpy and Grieco fall in love, and Biker kidnaps Angie, because unbeknownst to her, she has some of Biker's drugs (refer to TRUE ROMANCE for more details on this plot). Bottom line: You will be tempted to watch because of the cast, but resist.

  • These bikers had really, really white teeth...


    Before I say too much about "Point Doom," somebody, please, get Angie Everhart a good script. She has too much on-screen presence to be wasted in thankless roles like this. "Point Doom" had the potential to be 90 minutes of straight-to-video fun. Hey, it WAS fun for a while, particularly the minor fender-bender which the stunt coordinator turned into an enormous car-flipping fiery explosion. And the talent agent who never gets any phone calls, but who owns a $100,000 car and a $2 million beach house. And the bikers with perfect, straight white teeth. Really white teeth. Then again, maybe the bikers weren't all that authentic, since there was very little biking going on in the movie. Do you know any bikers who keep a late-model, American-made sedan as a backup, just in case they have to take a hostage? There's not a lot to say about this movie, so please forgive me for not taking this review too seriously. The plot is, a high-powered (allegedly) Hollywood talent agent falls for a strip club waitress whose boyfriend is a homicidal drug-dealing biker. You can guess the rest. I should mention that the talent agent, played by Richard Grieco, has the most obnoxious haircut seen on a male actor since...hmmm, this is tough. Does Donald Trump count? Also, Andrew "Dice" Clay is in "Point Doom," playing the character you'd expect him to play: a strip club owner. Fans of Mr. Clay should stop the movie before it finishes, if they want to avoid an embarrassing scene in which Mr. Clay's character meekly climbs into the back seat of Mr. Grieco's car. How the mighty have fallen... But back to Ms. Everhart. She's not given much to work with here, but she tries hard with it nonetheless. What would I give to see her in a leading role in a major-studio film? If George Lucas is reading this and has parts available in future "Star Wars" films, let me recommend someone...George? Are you there?

  • I should have known better


    With an all star cast including Angie Everhart, Richard Greico, Andrew Dice Clay, and Sebastian Bach, how could this movie not be terrible? Well if it had a semi-coherent plot, decent attempts at acting by all the actors, decent characters, one or two gun fights that didn't look like little kids playing cowboys and indians... Any of those would have been enough. Alas, none of those things happened in this movie. Angie plays an epileptic, who also must be mentally retarded (the character not the model). Greico plays the world's only non-sleazy talent agent, alright Greico is inherently sleazy, but the character is supposed to not be (suspend disbelief alright!). Clay runs a nudie bar, and is well... Clay. Oh and Sebastian Bach and his hair play a tough. Alright so it is Sebastian Bach trying to play a guy who tries to play tough. Overall? 1/10 which is the least I am allowed to give!

  • Insults intelligence


    Richard Grieco has done some ok movies and bad movies.This is a bad freakin movie.It starts out great then I dont know what happened.Andrew Dice Clay what happened?Angie Everhart is sexy as always but in this movie,I had to pray,pray for me to last through this flick.I was wondering why people at Blockbuster were laughing at me.My girl got mad at how bad this movie was.

  • A movie with many problems .... but still watchable..................


    Others have pointed out how unpolished the script is for "Point Doom". Funniest of all is a black Pontiac that morphs into a black Chevy mid chase. Maybe they didn't want the Trans Am to suffer, along with the audience, through the stereotyped fireball crash? If we didn't get the stereotyped hangout strip joint, we wouldn't get Andrew Dice Clay running it, and since "Dice" is definitely the best part of the film, let's forgive that one. The actresses being easy on the eyes, is the only other plus. The conclusion that never seems to end is definitely a weak point, along with the cap pistol sounding guns that never run out of ammo. Only if you like Andrew Dice Clay, is this is worth seeing. - MERK


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