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Proud (2004)

Proud (2004)

Reggie AustinVernel BagnerisMarcus ChaitMichael Ciesla
Mary Pat Kelly


Proud (2004) is a English movie. Mary Pat Kelly has directed this movie. Reggie Austin,Vernel Bagneris,Marcus Chait,Michael Ciesla are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Proud (2004) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

The true story of one of only two U.S. Navy ships that saw combat in World War II with African-American crews.

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  • A big disappointment if you are a follower of time frames


    I watched this movie last night and was a bit disappointed. A lot of the "time facts" were off. At the beginning of the movie, the grandfather made a comment to this grandson and his friends about how they felt when 9-11 hit. This movie was supposed to be taking place in 1994. Also, one of the grandsons friends was wearing an Eagles Donovan McNabb jersey. He hadn't even been drafted as of yet. The story line was good but the facts and actuality of the time frame was so far off base that it made the movie seem cheesy. My boyfriend is an avid reader of WWII books and memorabilia. I rented this movie hoping that it would be good. The acting was so-so. The dog was cute. But the way that this movie was carried out made me glad that I only paid 4 dollars to rent it as opposed to the 50 it would have taken me to watch it in a theater. I hope that who ever reads this understands that I mean no discontent to those who fought the war but the facts and time frame should have been a little more closely monitored.

  • Sink the director


    This movie had good intentions and a good story to work with. The director and screenwriter of this movie failed miserably and created a dull, boring filmstrip that made me feel like I was back in Mr. Hartford's 8th grade Social Studies class -- way back in 67. What a waste, will somebody please take this story and make a real movie out of it - the story deserves it. Every time a scene had potential, all we were left with were a few clichés, combined with black and white footage that they probably got from The History Channel to show the action. Shameful. Ossie Davis was the only bright light in this dull fest. The other acting was incredibly dull - it fit in with the movie well and whomever played the Captain set a new low standard for line delivery. However, if you are willing to accept all the numerous flaws in this movie and aren't concerned with being awed or entertained, but want to learn about the USS Mason, it is worth a watch.

  • Sorry, it stunk


    I will give it a 3 just because it showed history that we need to know about, to prevent it from happening again. I agree with the comments from the gentleman from UK. The movie was pretty terrible. All cliché, no real plot. Historical and technical inaccuracies abound. Look up the technical specs on DE 529, or any Everts class Destroyer Escort, and you will see what I mean. I now its black history month in the US, and Im going to be called a racist just for saying this, but the history of this ship is not that great. They did some escort work, chased a "submarine" that turned out to be a hulk that they rammed. Sorry, but black people did a lot more in WWII then this silly movie gives them credit for. This movie makes them look like whiners. Let the name calling commence, I can handle it.

  • The worst movie I have seen


    Full marks for the content of this film, as a Brit I was not aware that there was segregation in the US Navy during WWII. A very brave attempt to bring this fact to the world. However, the movie is pathetic, direction is non existent, the acting is wooden and the script is just one cliché after another. I can honestly say that this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I sat and cringed from the start until the end at the very poor way that this had been put together. This could have been a great movie, the story for many of us outside of the US was new, unique and also interesting. The sad fact of the matter is the way that it was put together. It is unfortunate that a true story like this, which could have changed people's attitudes, has been squandered on a low budget, badly directed movie. I only hope that some time in the future, one of the major studios will take this theme and do it justice.

  • Don't watch for production values


    If you are looking for a rousing sea tale and men against the sea, don't bother. However, if you want to learn about a ship whose crew was an experiment set up to fail and their efforts that succeeded against all odds, then please watch. It is a simple tale really, told with great passion by the late Ossie Davis, himself a veteran of WWII. I'm sure it would have been more exciting with Jerry Bruckheimer loud and overblown production values and CGI effects; that would have added nothing to this heartwarming true story. SPOILER ALERT: At the end, you get to meet some of the real men of the USS Mason, DE529 through a reenactment of a Navy award ceremony over 50 years late and through actual footage of the new USS Mason at a port-of-call in NYC in 2003. END ALERT. This is a tale about honor, sacrifice and family and how it overcame bigotry. It is a tale that does not end, but must be worked on by each generation. And to those that complained about the shameful history of the US, some of it is, and some of it is glorious, like these men and their ship.


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