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Proxy Kill (2018)

Proxy Kill (2018)

Tasha AmesCatherine AnnetteLuis Fernandez-GilSheri Effres
Kyle Downes


Proxy Kill (2018) is a movie. Kyle Downes has directed this movie. Tasha Ames,Catherine Annette,Luis Fernandez-Gil,Sheri Effres are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Proxy Kill (2018) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Having survived a brutal home invasion that left his fiancee dead, Scott, now emotionally unstable and reclusive is encouraged to join a support group in an attempt to get his life back on track. At the group he meets the enigmatic O, a woman who claims to have ties to Scott's attacker. Together the two set on a path of vengeance to track down the monster who did them wrong but as their journey progresses Scott begins to question O's true motives and intentions as she pulls him deeper into a world of murder and lies.


Proxy Kill (2018) Reviews

  • Decent Neo Noir indie film


    I'm a sucker for film noir and hard boiled tales with femme fatales and broken men. This definitely delivered on that end. The acting is top notch (the two leads are fantastic) and the film definitely had the style down. Story left a little to be desired but there's some great thriller moments/sequences and the director I think given the right script/material could do something great in the future. It's definitely indie low/no budget filmmaking but it makes the most of what's there and is very enjoyable

  • Too Violent; Amateur Filmmaking


    A young man is trying to recover from a horrendous experience where his girl friend was killed during a home break-in. He went to the support group where there was an excellent (and believable) group leader. Then, the film fell apart. The main problem was that the film was far too violent. The sequences in the support group were the best in the film. But the film hit rock bottom when a graphic set of murders is committed by the film's protagonist, who wantonly kills an entire family, including children. This was in the worst taste imaginable by the creators of this movie. The action unfolded in a way that often made no sense. What are we to think about Scott's best friend, Tim? Why is the character named O at his home at the most critical moment in the film? Why does O's tag team partner allow Scott into his apartment? Why is there no occasion for Scott to go to the police to seek "justice"? This was a poor man's "Death Wish" without the star power of a Charles Bronson or a Bruce Willis. The acting was not credible, and the overall look of the film was amateurish. As a crime drama or thriller, there was no mystery or suspense, only an "icky" feeling of direct-to-video, amateur filmmaking exercise.


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