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Rain (2001)

Rain (2001)

Melora WaltersKris ParkJamey SheridanDiane Ladd
Katherine Lindberg


Rain (2001) is a English movie. Katherine Lindberg has directed this movie. Melora Walters,Kris Park,Jamey Sheridan,Diane Ladd are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Rain (2001) is considered one of the best Drama,Action,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A tragedy that tells the story of murder, sex and redemption against the backdrop of a dead-end town.

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Rain (2001) Reviews

  • Surprisingly Moving


    Beautiful landscape, solid writing, and a wonderful story unified by real acting and editing. I found this film subtle and impactive even through the characters' very dramatic approach to life. I had an opportunity to really get the world of a lover, child, wife, and mother in this cinematic space. The score worked so well for me and not once did it take me out of the movie. I loved seeing Diane Ladd. It was lovely spending so much time with Melora Walters but this is a Claudia (of Magnolia) type part, with fidgeting and discomfort. I almost returned the DVD before watching Rain and I'm so glad I didn't.

  • Boredom leads to bad behavior.


    First of all, the words "Martin Scorsese presents" lured me in. This dark movie is written and directed by Katherine Lindberg. The action or lack thereof takes place in farming country Iowa. What else is there to do besides count the many trains that run through this small sleepy drought stricken community. Paul Biddle has been 'carrying on' with Sheriff Gibson's(Jamie Sheridan)wife Patsy(Jo Anderson). Ellen Biddle(Melora Walters)decides to put a rifle bullet through her cheating husband's head and allures the town's bad boy druggie Richard(Kris Park)to dispose of the body. Richard just happens to be the Sheriff's son. Sheriff Gibson fears that the strange actions of his wife and the misbehavior of his son will harm his chances of winning the election for mayor. There are still secrets to be revealed and more serious misdeeds. Nudity and sexual content earns an R rating. Also in the cast: Ellen Muth, Ezra Buzzington, Adrian Johansson and Diane Ladd.

  • Hometown Horror


    Katherine Lindberg's Rain was filmed primarily in my hometown of State Center, Iowa. I can assure you, the town doesn't look this bad most of the time. It's not heaven, no matter what Field of Dreams tells you, but it's not this hellish either. That said, I had a lot of trouble caring about Rain. It's one thing for a filmmaker to make a bland, clichéd film (with cardboard dialogue & delivery) about sexual infidelities and their effects, but it's another thing to set that movie in my hometown. Do I like seeing my old neighbor or the old grocery store in a movie? Yep, it's a lot of fun. Too bad the rest of the movie wasn't. Oh, and most everyone that still lives in town is over 60, or my family. If the town's really like this, and they're all playing musical beds, then I'm quite glad to be out of there.

  • Writer-Director out of her depth


    This film suffers from being very poorly paced. The cast is the strongest thing about the flick-- the script and direction and editing never rising to their talents. It's unfortunate as the film does have some potential and had a competent writer been given a crack at a polish, it might have picked up immensely. The film holds no surprises, literally. In fact, the conclusion is revealed on the DVD cover. I would have given the film a two but Walters and the kids are all aces in it. Unfortunately, the rest is so weak I can't even say it's worth a watch for the performances. Avoid.

  • Fly Over State


    The rain was the most intriguing part of the movie. I could have seen that on the Weather Channel though. This movie lacked any charge whatsoever. A movie about the Great Depression would entertain you more. The only reason I stomached this movie for the duration was because the main character was walking around in her slip for the entire length of the film and I was simply stunned. You will feel nothing for these miserable people and might throw things at your TV screen in disgust. I know now why the focal point of this movie took place at a railroad crossing...it was simply a train wreck. It was produces by Martin Scorsese, a far cry from Goodfellas...he must have been on a bender and out of his mind to have put his name on this film. Total garbage. If this is what people are like in the mid-west, I will remember to simply fly over these states.


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