Raja Natwarlal (2014)

Raja Natwarlal (2014)

Emraan HashmiHumaima MalikParesh RawalKay Kay Menon
Kunal Deshmukh


Raja Natwarlal (2014) is a Hindi movie. Kunal Deshmukh has directed this movie. Emraan Hashmi,Humaima Malik,Paresh Rawal,Kay Kay Menon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Raja Natwarlal (2014) is considered one of the best Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A small-time con man seeks assistance from his mentor with the intention of settling scores with a gangster.

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Raja Natwarlal (2014) Reviews

  • Entertainer


    I was not expecting much from this movie. May be that is why it surpassed my expectation. Their are some cons in this movie, but it has got some pretty good twists in it and will make you watch till the end. Love story part is not up to the mark. It is just a cliché. It even will make you laugh at several occasions. But that was obvious. The songs are really good. 'Tere Hoke Rahenge' is quite brilliant. The entire movie is visually very pleasing. You wont feel any lag at any point of time. This is definitely not a movie for the critics. I recommend this movie for everyone who intend to have just some fun time...!!!

  • Cunning Script with LOOPHOLES


    Nice and Entertaining Film. This time Eemran Hashmi Fans wont be disappointed. After the Average movie "GHANCHAKKAR" . Eemran Hashmi will be seen on screen after a gap of more than a year. Story Starts with Raja a Small Co artist Dupe's people with his friend Raghav(Deepak Tijori). They hit the jackpot when they dupe goon-turned- businessman Vardha Yadav (Kay Kay Menon)The cat-and-mouse game and how the duo shake them off their back makes the film interesting. Then how they plan to sell the cricket team to KK MENON. Yogi(Paresh Rawal)Prepares Raja for the big thing. Why does paresh rawal helps him? For that u need to watch the movie.The Songs can be ignored coz they come whenever they want actually spoiling the mood of the film. I think the director only needed to patch them up :P . There are several loopholes in Raja Natwarlal when it comes to logic and the conning could have certainly been more cunning and conniving. One of the film's biggest confusions is how the scene shifts between Mumbai and Cape Town. Emraan is in a business deal with Kay Kay and the next moment he meets his girlfriend who had fled to Mumbai after fighting with him! And after their adventurous ride in the rainy streets of Mumbai, they are back in the lift of a hotel in Cape Town. Lets ignore that and just sit back enjoy the movie. How they con KAY KAY and how did they loot crores of money. Total PAISA VASOOL . SURE SHOT BLOCKBUSTER

  • Raja natwarlal in Tarantino and Soderbergh style....


    Raja natwarlal is way beyond my expectations and it pleasantly surprised me. Oceans trilogy fans will love it. I liked the twist in climax but the plot is too impossible in real life. So far best con movie of 2014. Emraan hashmi did decent job with new handsome look on-screen. Paresh rawal and kay kay menon are plus point to the film, especially, kay kay menon's best acting impressed me. Deepak tijori is back after long time and best suited to his role, reminded the old days of sadak, khiladi.... I don't know the names of rest of the cast but all done good job. Story line has many twists and turns which grasps your attention. Bottom-line is, heist movie fans shouldn't miss it, give it a try, worth your time...

  • Highly implausible yet totally entertaining


    Similar in vein to films such as Snatch, Hustle and Life of Crime; this Emraan Hashmi starer will probably rank as one of his best films and is a welcome uplift after the mediocre Ek Thi Daayan. Hashmi should be applauded for taking risks with films that other much bigger names in Bollywood don't. He may not have the star power of the Khans but, with the exception of maybe Amir Khan, he has recently been willing to experiment with roles a lot more. Here he's paired with Humaima Malick in her first Indian film and she does a decent job as the girlfriend in tow; whatever India's verdict on her debut, she will still have her outstanding lead role in Shoaib Mansoor's "Bol" under her belt. Kay Kay Menon flips form psychotic to ice cool villain at the flick of the switch but, as always, he never fails to deliver and is believable as the rich and corrupt antagonist. The assassin who is hired to kill Raja (whoever the actor is) is excellent despite minimal dialogue and limited screen time. One of South cinema's biggest music directors, Yuvan Shankar Raja, turns in some modern numbers that just may linger; either way, thankfully these items numbers don't detract from the narrative too much. Just suspend disbelief because of course a lot of the twists in the plot are totally implausible but we need to remember, this is fiction with the sole purpose of entertaining the masses. Not an imperfect film but miles better than most releases Bollywood has had to offer in this genre this year.

  • A Moderate Con Flick Involving Appreciable Performances.


    Raja Natwarlal is unmitigatedly acceptable. The film serves as one of the better con films compared to other bollywood projects belonging to the same genre in recent times. The story expounds the life of a small-time con artist who after confronting unexpected circumstances sets out on a mission to avenge the death of his closest ally. The first half of the film is quotidian, just like any other heist film. It is the second half where the plot actually gets intriguing and engaging. The film doesn't seem to tire its viewers as it possesses a tolerable run time of 140 minutes. Besides this, an amazingly drawn out conclusion similar to that of Christopher Nolan's 'The Prestige' fills you with absolute contentment. The casting department is worthy of admiration for gathering such a group of commendable performers. Emraan Hashmi, once again in a similar lead role, is rapturous. Humaima Malik's enticing good looks poised with conventional acting skills unquestionably make an impression. Paresh Rawal is brilliant while playing Emraan's mentor in the film. Kay Kay Menon, while playing the major negative role is elegant. Deepak Tijori in a short but crucial supporting role is garden-variety. Film's direction is laudable indeed. Kunal Deshmukh has definitely managed to be conspicuous especially towards the end. Screenplay by Parveez Sheikh is neat. Dialogues by Sanjay Masoom are witty. Cinematography and Editing departments have undeniably managed to make a hit. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is fresh and alluring. Summing everything up, the movie is decent. Neither the best nor the worst. However, it is way better than all those masala flicks which get undeserving responses from the audiences. Emraan Hashmi buffs will definitely embrace this one.


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