Red Island (2018)

Red Island (2018)

Alex EssoeGeorgie DaburasTawny WestDavid Mezheritsky


Red Island (2018) is a English movie. Lux has directed this movie. Alex Essoe,Georgie Daburas,Tawny West,David Mezheritsky are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Red Island (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In an effort to repair a stale relationship, JOHN accompanies his archaeologist girlfriend, AMY to a remote island to locate Ancient Native Artifacts. They discover extremely old cave markings along with a long lost believed to be sacred mask; when it disappears, strange occurrences happen which unleashes a mythological creature that hunts them down as they try to escape and get off the island.


Red Island (2018) Reviews

  • SciFi?


    The term Sci Fi is over used yet again. There is no SciFi in this movie, it is more Drama and Horror. So if you are a SciFi fan don't get sucked in. Critics need to be re-educated on what SciFi really is.

  • Bad Bad Bad!!


    I just finished watching. One of the worst movie I've ever seen. Bad acting, bad storyline, bad directing all bad. It's stupid movie don't waste your time, money, and your life.

  • Such a high rating for this movie clearly fake


    This movie is an ultimate borefest nothing happens, they are out in the wild camping, each night she disappears he goes out looking for her finds her and it starts all over the next day. At the end you see a cool looking monster maybe not even 1 minute, so i guess she was possessed by it or something never understood what was going on anyways. Stand clear of this turkey and don't get confused by the fake rating and surely the fake reviews that are coming.

  • Deserves below zero


    Bad acting poor camera work no story didn't flow. Annoying use of dramatic music. Talentless director. All the elements for a shocker and this is so bad. You can sense the director feels he jibbed you the longer you watch it Avoid avoid avoid

  • Cursed Shrine


    The film opens with a bit of a plot spoiler. John (Georgie Daburas) is explaining to a detective what happened on the deserted Pacific NW island and it is clear his wife Amy (Alex Essoe) is still there. They went there on vacation to patch up their relationship. John has an ulterior motive which comes out during the film. John also manages to remember stuff that Amy did when she was by herself. The writing wasn't that tight. The film dragged on as you knew where it was headed and every step along the way was boring. Was that black electrician's tape Amy wore as pasties? Guide: F-word. brief sex. brief partial nudity?


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