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Revolt (2017)

Revolt (2017)

Lee PaceBérénice MarloheJason FlemyngSibulele Gcilitshana
Joe Miale


Revolt (2017) is a Kikuyu,English movie. Joe Miale has directed this movie. Lee Pace,Bérénice Marlohe,Jason Flemyng,Sibulele Gcilitshana are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Revolt (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

The story of humankind's last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion. In the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive the alien onslaught. Their bond will be tested as they search for refuge across a crumbling world.

Revolt (2017) Reviews

  • Better than it had a right to be


    It's a decent enough Alien invasion movie. Made great use of an unusual location, and Lee Pace shows promise as heroic leading man material. Clearly a small budget, and once more proves that not having unlimited power or bankbook isn't necessarily a bad thing creatively. Film-makers had to come up with imaginative sets and emotionally involving characters, not just throw CGI as the story. Only a few really flawed moments and the writing could have been a little better. But, overall, worth the time.

  • Good enough!


    A very decent sci-fi with acceptable writing and a few original and inspired scenes in a good setting with good actors filmed properly, the whole is entertaining and the art department did an outstanding job on a limited budget. I can only recommend this movie and praise this project especially when compared to Hollywood's super boring and high cost CGI products. This movie will grant you a pleasant and relaxed experience without stressing your patience or ruining your eyesight. It is not a masterpiece but definitely worth your time. In fact I would not mind to watch a sequel. If Revolt could represent just the average of what sci-fi movies look like we would live in happier times.

  • "War of the Worlds" meets "District 9"


    I have a saying. We die hard sci-fi fans have to suffer for our sci-fi -- meaning we endure some pretty awful stuff just to get a hit of our favorite genre. Most of the suffering involves sitting through badly written and acted low budget indies with cheesy special effects. However every now and then, we are rewarded by a gem of a film like "Revolt," that overachieves and dazzles us. Set in Africa, after an alien invasion that has wiped out the rest of world, a small group of survivors makes humanity's last stand. A big idea, right? One that could go wrong in so many ways but writer/director Joe Miale, along with co-writer Rowan Athale's smart and unsentimental script avoids all the usual pitfalls. It's smart, efficient and always to the point. The CGI aliens are terrific and director Miale seamless blending of CGI with the live action create the kind of tense and visually rich hellscape we like to see in our post apocalypse movies. Lee Pace is a welcome surprise as an action hero and along with an equally talented cast make this one of the best alien invasion films to come along in a long while.

  • How to do more with less


    As a sci-fi fan i really liked this movie. This film is a reminder that a good movie, even more a sci-fi isn't about the effects but the story and its characters, it's about a good plot. Here it's obvious they would hove done a better movie if they could, they even show that to us, but so what? star wars was also a low budget movie in its time.... not that i'm comparing both, only pointing out that this isn't anything important at all. Yes it has some flaws, but this movie does it right and well in so many ways and things (i dont want to add spoilers), and thats what makes it so good. And also vonsidering the low budget and low resources they did a great job, and it's very entertaining. Also the movie has contains several unique ideas like the robots not having a humanoid form, but instead they are just practical, weird and very mechanical. Also they dont waste a lot of movie time talking science BS to explain the whole stuff to us, we learn what we need trough flashbacks and quick conversations. Also we have a really strong female that doesnt need to be rescued from the male, thats very atractive but not sexualized - she uses normal loose kakhi pants (not uber tight) and an ordinaty tank top - no cleavage or bum shots whatsoever - now thats awesome that they treat the female with respect. Compared to hollywood that spends millions and has the best resources and releases abominations like battleship (more like battleshit), terminator genisys (pure garbage), Jupiter Ascending , the Green Lantern and Gods of Egypt (and many others).

  • Decent Sci-Fi


    I'll give it an 8 because if you take the budget into consideration, they did a pretty good job. It's actually impressive how they strategically stretched the budget, and I'm not just talking about filming in Africa, though that saved plenty of money, looking apocalyptic without much staging. The Story is fine, nothing ground-breaking. The message is simple and repeated a few times in slogan form for our benefit in case we missed it. There is one minor technical but highly visible plot hole around the end, and they know it - they show that they know it. It's likely they just *couldn't* do it right, but it's really not a big deal. Come to think of it, this movie has fewer holes than most amazingly. I'd say it's a good ScyFy channel movie + , so if you're OK with that then you're OK with this.


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