Rise (2014)

Rise (2014)

Daniel NelsonJessica GreenChris WarnerMartin Sacks
Mack Lindon


Rise (2014) is a English movie. Mack Lindon has directed this movie. Daniel Nelson,Jessica Green,Chris Warner,Martin Sacks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Rise (2014) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Rise is a true story about a young nurse falsely accused of rape. Stripped of his career and his freedom, Will is forced to survive maximum security jail. The film centers on an unlikely friendship formed with Jimmy, a hardened armed robber and the legal battle by a prominent lawyer who must compromise status and wage to prove his innocence.


Rise (2014) Reviews

  • A moving and uplifting film


    I took my wife to see this movie and we were both moved by it. The possibility of humans to redeem themselves is really what the movie is about and it does this admirably well. Other comments have mentioned it has a religious aspect but I hardly noticed because it doesn't push it. It is a heartwarming piece of good Australian film making and worth a look. Martin Sacks was excellent and he did carry the film but it was a great effort by many unknown Australian actors including the lead, Nathan Wilson. I believe it was Mack Lindon's first directorial role and he did a great job. I look forward to seeing future films from him.

  • An exceptional Aussie Film


    Based on an amazing true story, the film Rise does not disappoint. Iloved this movie and left the cinema with an extraordinary feeling of hope and peace. A film that will make any Aussie proud to claim it. A young man is living life in all the wrong ways and finds himself in a precarious situation. The film is his story of renewal and redemption. A thought provoking movie for teenagers and adults alike. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Spare a thought for the man and his family in the story. It was a long hard journey to live the story then make the film.

  • Great flick


    Watched this on holidays not knowing what to expect and was really surprised. Realizing that its based on a true story only adds to my admiration for all of those involved. That could be anyone's son that found themselves in the situation that this movie portrays. As it is for all of us life can contain a lot of twists and turns and how we deal with them makes us who we are today. I have sat through many greatly anticipated releases over the years that have greatly disappointed, but I found Rise to be a refreshing change. Some brilliant young Aussie talent mixed with talent that has been around for years, well worth a viewing.

  • Amazing movie


    The best Aussie film I have seen in a long time and one of my favorite movies.its been a long time since I have seen an Australian movie this good.I have seen it countless times.A super talented Aussie cast who portrayed their characters perfectly,a brilliant crew behind the scenes and a soundtrack that showcased some terrific Australian musical talent.I laughed,I cried,I absolutely love this movie.It's a definite must see movie.It definitely pulls at the heartstrings.A very moving true story.Fantastic work Mack and everyone else involved.To those who haven't seen it yet,do yourself a favor and watch it,you won't be sorry.

  • Outstanding Film


    This movie is extremely touching. I've never left a cinema feeling more rewarded! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching RISE to anybody needing to be uplifted. A few laughs, tears and a sense of walking out taller than when you walked in. With a budget this small, I'm blown away that not only was there quality talent but the music choice was perfectly placed to compliment the emotions for each scene. Well done to Nathan Wilson (Will McIntyre) and Martin Sacks (Jimmy Cove) Nathan Wilson - an up and comer set to reach some height in the entertainment industry. Congratulations! On another note, it makes you remember that not everyone who goes to jail is guilty. So often it appears people are 'guilty until proved innocent' rather than the other way round. My hope is that people in all walks of life will be positively impacted by this story. The world needs more uplifting films like RISE and I'm not surprised that this film has ruffled the feathers of people who would prefer to watch films that promote hopelessness, death and zombies.


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