Risk (2007)

Risk (2007)

Vinod KhannaRandeep HoodaTanushree DuttaMadhuri Bhagwat
Vishram Sawant


Risk (2007) is a Hindi movie. Vishram Sawant has directed this movie. Vinod Khanna,Randeep Hooda,Tanushree Dutta,Madhuri Bhagwat are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Risk (2007) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Modern day Bombay is ruled by Bangkok-based underworld don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the Home Minister, A.R. Sarang, as well as the Police Commissioner on his payroll. Khalid would like to get rid of a number of thorns on his side, namely S.P. Naidu, a former aide; A.R. Sarang, who has been flip-flopping; and Bombay Police's Encounter Specialist Suryakanth Satham. He manages to sway Sarang on his side, arranges for Suryakanth to be be suspended, charged with killing two innocent bystanders, and held in a cell. Khalid reaches an understanding with Suryakanth, who is immediately released and is reinstated - with a condition that he must kill Naidu and his followers. Suryakanth ruthlessly does away with Naidu's followers, but spares Naidu himself - who is eventually killed by Arbaaz and Hari, Khalid's brother and henchman respectively. It is then that Suryakanth shows his true colors - when he shoots Arbaaz and Hari in an 'encounter' after the violent death of the Home Minister. The ...


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  • Excellent........


    RISK Excellence of Indian cinema, only one song in the movie.... This is movie about underworld of India, the most powerful force behind most of the crime in India... I will not give any spoilers in the review...but try justifying this underdog, when all the "nach gaana" movies are making money for no reason; this one is for serious cinema goers.... On the foot print of "Satya" "Sarkar" and many, many other brilliant movie (mostly few have been made that good), this one is a sure "must-see". Vinod Khanna, made an excellent come back as an underworld Don "Khalid" lives in Thailand, Controlling Mumbai city for his criminal activity.... Randeep Hooda an honest "Smart" and emotional had tag-of-war with Khalid...... A very non-Indian ending will keep u guessing and couple of good twist that make movie worth watch..... Directed by Vishram Sawant.....amazing cast mostly veteran's actors who really justify their characters from beginning to end. I will give 8 out of 10.......enjoy....

  • A Vinod Khanna's great comeback but watch only for him nothing in film


    If your a Vinod Khanaa fan than you must see it he is brilliant as he always been. Vinod Khanna's comeback after long time. He surely is a intelligent actor and he does his best. Each moment Vinod comes on screen he rules. The film isn't great but fine work of action and creepy type story. What Ramu's camp tries each time works for only few times not every time. Ramu's camp should make films that are not only underworld type. He has been taking a habit on making stupid movies. Watch only if you like Randeep Hoda. Vinod Khanna is amazing thats what to watch nothing else.

  • A typical RGV style movie


    A typical underworld / politician nexus movie from the RGV factory product. Vishram Sawant is a product and ex-assistant to RGV has come out with a typical RGV style movie. Hooda plays a honest police officer who cares none. His policy of avoiding crime is encounter. He kills the gangsters through fake encounter. Remember Daya Nayak. He believes if he doesn't do the encounter they will be released in bails and the crime rate will never drop. He is supported by one senior police official but then he is the only one for him. Rest everyone including the Chief Minister Devaki Tai played by Seema Biswas is also against him. Heading the mafia sargana is Khaled Bhai played by Vinod Khanna operating from Bangkok. He played a tremendous role. In this war against gangsters he is trapped by Khaled bhai. He is stuck in Jail. While in jail he understands one thing. Only one person can get him out of the jail, Khaled bhai. He contacts Khaled Bhai, comes out of the jail and joins as the unofficial hit man of underworld. But then inside he has to find a way to get rid of Khaled Bhai from the crime world. Will he be able to do it ? Thats the million dollar question.


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