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Rocketman (2019)

Rocketman (2019)

Taron EgertonJamie BellRichard MaddenBryce Dallas Howard
Dexter Fletcher


Rocketman (2019) is a English movie. Dexter Fletcher has directed this movie. Taron Egerton,Jamie Bell,Richard Madden,Bryce Dallas Howard are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Rocketman (2019) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama,Music,Musical movie in India and around the world.

A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

Rocketman (2019) Reviews

  • Here is what many people don't understand


    This is not a movie about a rock star with their music simply part of the facts of the story. It is a musical in the truest sense, that uses his own music to show his tribulations through the eyes of a man during the troubled years of his life. The movie is not always chronological and in some cases is more figurative than historical. In this way it can convey Sir Elton John's life and struggles in a way that the viewer may understand on a more personal level. The acting, writing and singing are superb. The star did not try to truly imitate Elton but instead preforned the pieces in his own style that he molded as closely as possible to the original. It sounds odd, but it works. As always you can never sum up any life, book or story in a 2 or so hour movie, but this comes close. You leave feeling like you really got to know the real, yet flawed, human Elton John. Overall a wonderful movie.

  • Give Taron Egerton an Oscar IMMEDIATELY!!!


    He was AMAZING in the spirit of an fabulous Elton John biopic musical.... and Jamie Bell was awesome.. as usual!

  • A Beautiful Fantasy


    I want to start by saying that I really struggle to sit through longer films, I get restless and my attention wavers (a little sad I know, but it is what it is). When I left the cinema I couldn't believe the running time - including adverts etc I'd sat through 2h30 without even thinking about the time once. I was completely engrossed! Taron Egerton, alongwith his co stars perform excellently in this fantasy based musical, taking you through the highs and lows of Elton Johns earlier life. It's a real rollercoaster experience, I loved it! There were many moments which made me smile of bought a tear to my eye for different reasons, I'll name a couple of my favourites. Elton arrives in America and performs Crocodile Rock. There's so much passion in his performance and then comes this euphoric, floating fantasy scene, it's so beautiful and a great piece of cinematography which immerses you and makes you feel like you are there in that room. I also loved the way Elton and Bernie's friendship was shown, it was so lovely to watch. There's a really touching scene where Elton is playing his piano, creating music to accompany the lyrics to Your Song. Bernie is upstairs shaving, yet is drawn to the dining room to listen to Elton bring his song to life. Elton's singing the lyrics and keeps looking over to Bernie, seemingly singing it to Bernie platonically, as a love song. You see a real bond between the pair of them. One scene that got me the most was after Elton had tried to commit suicide, they showed him being rushed to hospital which once he arrived there was a routine in which he was treated and prepared by everyone around him to perform on stage immediately as he forces a smile. It just showed how much he suffered and how money came first, it was really poignant. Again, a beautiful piece of work. There's so much more to talk about, such as the relationships between him and his mum/dad/new manager come lover and how they were all equally as cold and callous. Or the scenes in which Elton has visions of his younger self, comforting a younger Elton at the end of the film with a hug - all he ever wanted. However we'd be here all day! I truly adored this film and it's definitely one to watch on the big screen. It bought out so many emotions and that's what I think a film should do. So glad I've seen it and have recommended it to everyone who's mentioned it!

  • Should have expected this.


    It's going to get very mixed reviews. I predict many will love it, and many will revile it. I was caught somewhere in the middle. Without giving any actual spoilers away, consider this: 1. If you absolutely HATE musicals, save your money. This is the John/Taupin equivalent of a Rodgers & Hammerstein. It is not presented as a straightforward biopic in the same manner as BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. 2. Much as I love Elton John, this "rock & roll fantasy" of his life treads a little too far into campy territory for me, with 2, maybe 3 very (thankfully) brief moments in the film that can only be described as cringeworthy. ("Oh, come on, guys--seriously?" moments.) There were times when I genuinely felt this was going to end up as the Ken Russell version of TOMMY for the new millennium. 3. Never, at any point in the film, is Paul Buckmaster mentioned or acknowledged. This infuriated me! For those who don't already know: in the early days of EJ's career, Paul was the orchestrator who provided EJ with the BEAUTIFUL, lush string accompaniments that added so much to EJ's early music (classic example: EJ's soundtrack to the 1971 French film, FRIENDS) and, IMHO, could have been a big player in his success as a burgeoning artist, firmly introducing/establishing The Elton John "Sound." He SHOULD have been a part of this film--even a small one, if deemed necessary--but for him to be utterly omitted from the story mystifies me. Maybe someone in the know can enlighten me on this. These 3 things, however, are about my only problems with the film. Credit must be given where it's due: 1. Taron Egerton is actually pretty amazing. Some might see his acting as occasionally over the top, but frankly and for all we know, maybe EJ really did act that "extremely" at times, considering his anger issues. His singing, most of the time, is virtually spot-on, catching EJ's lilting singing style quite well. 2. The supporting cast: Jamie Bell (Bernie Taupin), Bryce Dallas Howard , Richard Madden (EJ's agent & self-centered 1st lover), Stephen Graham (Dick James), Tate Donovan (L.A.'s Troubador Club manager Doug Weston), Gemma Jones (Ivy, EJ's grandmother, I think...? Or friend of the family?) & Steven Mackintosh (EJ's cold, uncaring father)...and all others in the film, essentially faultless. ESPECIALLY Jamie's portrayal of Bernie. Wow. 3. You can't really find fault with the staging and choreography of the musical numbers. Very professionally done. 4. You will learn many things about EJ's life in this film that you may not have known before...I know I did. 5. Have a few Kleenexes handy. Enough said. 6. Don't leave right away after the credits roll. So, is it worth seeing? My criticisms aside (and we all know what they say about opinions), it really comes down to this: if you're a fan--and especially a DEDICATED fan, like me, who's followed him from his humble beginnings in America in the summer of 1970--go see it. Decide for yourself if my gripes hold any water.



    I have been waiting for weeks to the premier and Taron's performance blowed me away. I can't tell it was going for a movie about Elton John or going to a premier of a concert where Taron singing and performing and telling his life story from the screen (or from the stage cause it's a premier). His voice is precious, is emotional and is skillful. He got that powerful voice yet that soulful and soft that I am sure that he is the right person, the PERFECT person for those songs and for this film. Such a perfect actor, with a gifted voice. His acting was outstanding and his eyes told things. I can felt his thoughts and feelings, his sadness, disapointment, his emptyness. Just, breathtaking. And Jamie Bell did great, Richard Madden also, such a wonderful compilation of these three talented and professional actors. Love their charisma and their chemistry together. Thank you very much for a great movie. Really enjoyed it.


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