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Rome in Love (2019)

Rome in Love (2019)

Italia RicciPeter PorteRoss McCallBarbara Bouchet
Eric Bross


Rome in Love (2019) is a English,Italian movie. Eric Bross has directed this movie. Italia Ricci,Peter Porte,Ross McCall,Barbara Bouchet are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Rome in Love (2019) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Having long forgone her aspirations to become a professional actress due to personal circumstances, Amelia Tate of Bend, Oregon, on the urging of her younger sister Kathryn Tate, applies to the worldwide open casting call for an unknown, and is offered the role of Princess Anna in the highly anticipated remake of Roman Holiday (1953) with movie star Jonathan Lyman as the male lead in the role of the journalist. Information of who has been cast as the female lead is kept under wraps until the press junket begins, and as such Amelia has to keep a low profile in Rome and on social media until that first press conference. Meanwhile, American freelance journalist Philip Hamilton, in Italy for a year working on his first novel, has to work several jobs, including hotel porter and waiter, to make ends meet. Vivien Daniels, editor of the English language magazine Vistoso, gives him the assignment of writing all about the mysterious unknown hired for the female lead in the well publicized ...


Rome in Love (2019) Reviews

  • Rome is the Star of this movie


    The potential for a very romantic movie was somehow lost in this Hallmark film. The views of Rome were stunning! The beautiful leading actress did her very best with a rather weak and convoluted script. Her smile is radiant, and her acting is pitch-perfect. However, there was much to be desired in the script and the plot. For one, there were too many plot lines. The star's family 'secrets' , of one..The leading man's writer' block, for another. The pressure from the papparazzi, yet another. Halfway into the film, it became difficult to follow so many themes. Credit goes to the two leads who tried to make this a romanic love story credible and captivating..Somehow they failed. In a Hallmark movie, one always knows the story will end with a kiss. Waiting for it in this film was rather a long drawn-out ordeal. The chemistry between the two leads was just not there. The secondary leads were so much more interesting..the hotel butler who befriended the young American actress. The older Italian woman who encouraged the male lead to follow his heart..They were animated and captivating characters. The two main leads seemed to be struggling to achieve some romantic connection.. To say more about what may have impeded it would be politically incorrect. This film had so much potential and, sadly, missed the mark..

  • What's going on with hallmark


    Just an ok movie but can hallmark not find actresses that are not pregnant while filming an romantic movie.

  • Actress looks pregnant


    First it seems the main actors are a bit older than the characters they portray. Additionally, it is quite distracting that the main actress looks pregnant. A romantic movie should not have its female character trying to hide, unsuccessfully, ma pregnancy that is not in the script.

  • I'm being generous


    This like so many other hallmark movies bored me to death. The characters are in Tome and they fall in love with each other over time....snooze fest. Based off of the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn.

  • The only interesting is the cat


    Boring, bland, dull, plain... Should I go on? The actress not acting and the reporter/writer not writing, just spending time in Rome. I felt like Dante, the Cat, lying down in my bed tired of these boring humans. I know, I know, it's a Hallmark movie but still. They can do much better.

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