Runaway Romance (2018)

Danielle C. RyanTrevor DonovanGaladriel StinemanTatum O'Neal
Brian Herzlinger


Runaway Romance (2018) is a English movie. Brian Herzlinger has directed this movie. Danielle C. Ryan,Trevor Donovan,Galadriel Stineman,Tatum O'Neal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Runaway Romance (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A reality TV star leaves Hollywood and finds herself in Amish country where she must decide between staying in her newfound reality or returning to her old one.

Runaway Romance (2018) Reviews

  • Another good one for Trevor Donavan


    This movie is well worth watching and follows the usual formula for good romance movies. There is magic or sparks between the leads, emotion, conflict, and of course sub-plots. It's failure to resolve the situation between Sarah and the Bishop cost it one point. What did she end up doing? All the loose ends should be tied up at the end. My score is 9.

  • Involving romance - better than Hallmark standard


    I enjoyed this romance movie. The story and acting is above the Hallmark standard and it doesn't get silly or annoying at any part like some TV romances. The 2 leads Danielle Chuchran and Trevor Donovan look good together. Remember watching them in some other Amish movie which was quite good too Love Finds You in Charm. It's amazing how much better she looks in her disguise as a blonde with less make up than as an over made up brunette, Liked all the characters and relationships in the movie. A reality star / chef flees LA after a bad breakup and gets stranded in Amish Country. There she meets a widow who runs a B&B and also an architect who is her romantic interest. Of course the reality show catches up to her in bucolic Amish Country. Hope the UP Network makes more of these kinds of movies - they are a notch above Hallmark.

  • Rushed ending


    This movie was hitting all the right notes for me as I was watching, and it is great for a night with your friends. My one complaint is the conclusion felt just a bit rushed, and I think if the movie was about five minutes longer, that ending would have been more satisfying. Part of the reason it felt rushed to me was because there was one side plot that felt unfinished. Still as far as romance movies go, there are plenty of worse ones out there, so this might be worth a watch with your gal pals.

  • Wonderful to see Galadriel Stineman again.


    I did not even know she was in the movie when I watched it. I watched it because Trevor Donavan was in it and I have loved his work for years. I have liked Galadriel's work since she was Cassidy on The Middle. This was so much better than that. If I have any complaints it is that her beautiful hair is hidden for the entire movie. I have come to love red hair and her's is beautiful. For me she and Trevor were the real stars of this movie. The biggest disappointment was Tatum O'Neal, unless she was to play an evil witch. If that is the case, she did a wonderful job. And UP managed to make the self-centered boyfriend not have greasy hair like Halmark does.

  • great story without Hollywood influence


    It's nice to see a TV movie made that is not only safe for the family, but entertaining as well. I highly recommend it!

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