Rz-9 (2015)

Rz-9 (2015)

Ethan McDowellMorgan ObenrederJosh MarbleCharlie Gillette
Iain Carson


Rz-9 (2015) is a English movie. Iain Carson has directed this movie. Ethan McDowell,Morgan Obenreder,Josh Marble,Charlie Gillette are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Rz-9 (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

In the midst of a terrorist-induced crisis the United States has declared martial law. Privatized defense forces and a state-of-the-art drone patrol system now monitor citizens and locate any new terrorist activities. Patterson Endcott, a computer scientist and drone pilot, is put on a hit list due to his religious beliefs and increasing doubt in the morality of his job. He and his sister, Samantha Endcott, are forced to find a place of safety beyond the watchful eyes of the surveillance drones. Considered a top level security threat by the government, the two are pursued by super soldiers, called Erasers, to capture them dead or alive.


Rz-9 (2015) Reviews

  • Great Comedy


    This movie is laughable at best. Everything about it is atrocious. From the "elite soldiers" who can't properly aim a gun and shoot, to the awful flashing bullets and the "blood" which resembles red powder being thrown at them. All the actors in this movie seem to lack any basic human instinct as they do not react when there is someone emptying a magazine in their general vicinity as the bullets rarely hit. It is comedic when in the middle of a gun fight, a person runs up to the soldier, stabs him in the throat and doesn't get shot immediately by the soldier right behind him. A group of high school kids could make a better movie than this. Now if you want a movie for pure entertainment and comedy because of the train wreck this movie is, I'd rate it a solid 8

  • Catastrophically shoddy, it might as well be a parody


    Remember 90s movie or television show where the characters would swing guns while poor flash effect painted over the scene? Rz-9 takes it to another level with characters shooting an entire clip while running like a headless chicken, missing the target then resorting to headbutt. It's a series of choppy production value, so utterly horrible that it gradually becomes more unintentionally funny as it goes. It tries to convince audience with serious theme, but the clunky visual and rigid acting are only good for accidental parody of sci-fi. A government agent turns into a whistleblower as he finds the cruel method to be intolerable. The titular Rz-9 is a part of the group that is sent to capture this traitor. To its credit, the movie attempt to use terrorism and religious premise, but those delicate matters deserve much more than its underwhelming acting and illogical plot. Acting is superbly monotonous, characters would come across as one-dimensional or even downright annoying. They utter bland script with the passion of bored customer service. The scenes are ridiculous, there's no choreography or any decent logic at all. People would engage in fire fight without cover, flailing their guns erratically and even slapping each other like kindergarten kids. They would get shot in the back, act like their arm is hurt but bleed in the stomach. At one scene their teammate is snatched mere feet away, but these people unrealistically look the other way as though they have the intelligent of stupid video game AI. Barely anything makes sense here, the best thing it has on the production is probably the costume alone. Effects like the explosion are nothing but blurry green screen gimmick and when it tries to bring drones or any sci-fi antics they seem like images copied and pasted over. There's just no coherency on the plot, acting and visual. The clumsy graphic and acting makes for a brief entertainment as inadvertent parody, but for a sci-fi flick, old Power Rangers show has more appeal that Rz-9.

  • I have no scrip nor actors yet I film


    May contain spoilers The overall idea had merit the script jumped around abysmally. Continuity or what passed for it was a complete joke. You have an squad of elite "Erasers" who start off able to shoot a feather off a flying finch at 2km but by the halfway mark none could shoot the broadside of a barn even if they had been shackled to the wall. I was amazed that none of the Erasers managed to shoot themselves in their own face they had become that incompetent. If they were the elite then they would have gunned down the resistance/terrorists/bible bashers at range before they would have known that they were under attack. Why were the only long range drones used to attack cities but could not be used to hunt down the resistance? The acting was so wooden it was a major fire hazard. I want my life back that I spent watching this failure

  • not a sci -fi really


    A guy who work for government has been put on black list and decided to join rebels or "terrorists" who fight against government. Most action is about two opposite sides soldiers running in the forest and shooting each other. Prolonged dialogs explain and justify their actions. Only sci-fi accents are fancy drones, fancy guns and funny masks used by government special force. It is as much sci-fi as "Rambo" movie, but not as good. If you look for sci-fi movie you can skip this one. What I like is good filming, not like those with shaking amateur cameras and action is in different places. What I don't like is senseless killing and flat dialogs that are too long. And yes, calling it sci-fi movie is just a joke, bad one.

  • meh, bad but I have seen worse


    While I can not agree that this should be in the theater, it was fine for a B wanna-be action thriller. While the writers show a profound disconnect between current political realities, it has been amusing. If you need a good background move or just need something mind numbing this is good. What really nauseated me was the religious connections made about the main characters, it seems obvious that parts were intentionally cut not to irritate the current religious right. Sadly this is a rather ignorant way of writing, that being said, conservative extremists survivalist types find this movie great. Acting started good, 30 minutes in it got way worse. I think what bugs me the most is that no one seems to know how actual military personnel act. There were soooo many technical holes, writing holes, direction holes, I could not list them all here, artistic direction was very low par too. I strongly suspect that this movie had many parts cut in script revisions and the editing room floor. Generally the cliché laden dialog, technical writing problems, and absurdest understanding of world politics, killed this movie. The cg effects were OK, foley and muzzle flash syncing was bad, just bad, as one other reviewer put it "1980's quality"


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