S. (1998)

S. (1998)

Natali BroodsIsnel Da SilveiraKatelijne DamenJosse De Pauw
Guido Henderickx


S. (1998) is a Dutch,French,English movie. Guido Henderickx has directed this movie. Natali Broods,Isnel Da Silveira,Katelijne Damen,Josse De Pauw are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1998. S. (1998) is considered one of the best Drama,Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An erotic road-movie about people that are going round in circles. It's about a girl, S., who is dangling between Brussels and New York, boys and girls, love and hate, life and death. She has a mother, a father, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but none of them are any good to her.

S. (1998) Reviews

  • Made to be controversial


    A woman kills her boyfriend and the woman he's sleeping around with after they had sex which she recorded (original). After this she starts to get obsessed with sex and killing, and she gets more excited every time and is going mental while she seeks her own identity. One of the strongest points of the movie are the extremely offending scenes and trust me they will offend you. The level of controversy is truly amazing. The negative side of the story is that this movie is somewhat forced, it clearly was designed to be controversial and sometimes it's hard to go along with the story. The filming is perfect, very dark and regularly uses her personal cam, which greatly adds to the realism of the film (like Blair Witch, only selected scenes). Also the director uses a scene where she drives in a car during the night every time her level of mental behaviour advances. The main character is very well played, Natali Broods shows to have no limits to her acting, she'll do anything and she'll do it well, truly amazing (she needs to work on her English). Also the dialogue is perfectly mixed, very strong humour at the cruelest moments. This movie is most certainly worth your time. Go watch, I promise you never saw this before and you can't predict how the story will evolve. The movie is definitely a work of art worth watching. However, experienced movie viewers only.

  • Sex and violence are the rule, but all she wants is love


    Spoiler Alert A beautiful but emotionally damaged bisexual woman known only as S. (a phenomenal debut by Natali Broods) searches for love and purpose in this violent and unsettling film. S. has moved to New York with her loser boyfriend and leads a life full of trauma, chaos and loneliness. Unable to communicate with her prostitute mother, and abused by her father who has been put to death for murder, S. has a twisted conception of love and relationships. Life in New York is bad enough but when her boyfriend sleeps with an ex-girlfriend in her presence, S. is so disgusted she shoots them both. Fleeing back to Brussels, she gets a job in a seedy peepshow and becomes involved in a relationship with the beautiful Marie, a fellow stripper who manages to find a way to love S., and perhaps to save her from self-destruction. But even love can't stop her downward spiral. Either by rotten luck or cosmic intention, every other person she meets is bad news. When S. realizes that the men she is with are really nothing but horrid excuses for human beings, she begins to murder them one by one. S. is on a crusade to reclaim her dignity and the dignity of her gender through violence. This visually amazing and groundbreaking film rams us right to the frontlines of a woman's life that can only be described as screwed up. An ultra stylish look at female aggression, S. is the techno music European New Wave version of the Abel Ferrara cult classic "Ms. 45". Ultimately S. is a story of the power of love, of triumph of modern woman over adversity and the social-poisoning power of personal violence. Featuring luxurious camerawork and kinetic editing, S. is a graphically sexual and violent film as captivating as it is disturbing and will not easily be forgotten. This film is like a car wreck -- you can't help but stare.

  • Confusing wannabe-shocker


    S. is an exceptionally confusing movie, in which there is as much sex and violence as you can get in an hour and a half. This is probably the major flaw of the movie: it goes nowhere, whereas the only aim seems to be putting off as many viewers as possible. The sex is mostly gratuitous and offers as much variety as you can get in an ordinary porn flick.(although mostly lesbian sex) The dialogue is stupid to say the least. The task of the actors was probably to use as many foul words as possible ,in which they succeeded wonderfully. The (younger)actors need to work on their pronunciation as well. Without any subtitles I really couldn't understand what the actors(especially Natali Broods)where mumbling.(while I speak Dutch myself) You also get to see some scenes truly never seen before: a (hot) scene with a priest, a sex scene(there aren't almost any other scenes!)in someone's ashes(!),etc. What did they try to accomplish? A new CLOCKWORK ORANGE? And why was the story built up in such a disorganized way. It didn't make any sense at all. And in the end, the film didn't even accomplish what was apparently its only goal, that is: to upset the viewer. Well ... actually it did: I was upset watching 90 min. of bad film-making! 4/10


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