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Sandstorm (2004)

Sandstorm (2004)

Lili LiAngela HuangSteve HongGuang Cheng
Michael Mahonen


Sandstorm (2004) is a Mandarin movie. Michael Mahonen has directed this movie. Lili Li,Angela Huang,Steve Hong,Guang Cheng are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Sandstorm (2004) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

He Tianying is a mid-level Chinese police officer. For twelve days and nights, he and his wife have been trapped in their home during a massive sandstorm covering a large area of China. His wife is running out of life-sustaining medicine, their young daughter is missing in the storm, electricity and phone communication have been cut off, and their food and water are running out. As He Tianying cares for his dying wife, in this isolation and confinement, his conscience starts to emerge. As a policeman, he has been involved in the vicious persecution of common Chinese citizens who follow the spiritual practice of Falun Gong. In a series of flashbacks, he painfully recalls one particular Falun Gong practitioner whom he had been attempting to force to renounce her beliefs. Under intense pressure from his supervisor, He Tianying is pushed to betray his conscience and persecute this innocent woman in order to protect his position. Refusing to submit, the woman is eventually tortured to ...


Sandstorm (2004) Reviews

  • touching movie


    Sandstorm gives a heartbreaking tale about the events unfolding in modern China where innocent people are being persecuted. Through flashbacks a police officer who witnessed these events, reflects about good and evil and gains deeper insights. An inspiring movie I must say. Although not so widely spread yet, it seems Sandstorm caught quite some attention at the movie festivals it appeared. More detailed information can be found the movies website. I sure hope this movie will get more known.

  • Touching, in depth look into the terrible mechanics of state persecution in China


    Sandstorm is both terrible and magnificent to watch, in particular because the events of the film are effectively unfolding as we speak in many different contexts in China. Right from the beginning, I was immersed in the plot, which takes one deep into the relationship between a resilient torture victim and a conflicted police inspector, the perpetrator of the violence. Other characters play significant roles in the film, and many of them collectively contribute to a deeper understanding of the state of personal terror in which many Chinese exist, as well as the heroism it takes to break free of it. The film has a limited budget; its power is all in its story and the compelling characters who it helps us understand. I particularly appreciated the scenes depicting the police inspector's internal tribulations. He decides to look past the state propaganda and try to understand the victim's Falun Gong beliefs, for which she is being persecuted, for himself. This way, he breaks through his conditioning to recognize his victim as a good and innocent person, and this far-reaching persecution as groundless. The tragedy is that she is already dead, killed by the torture; the hope lies in the fact that a dedicated civil servant can see through the lies he has been following and take a personal stand. Incredible film -- it brought be to tears on several occasions. I look forward to future pieces by Mahonen!

  • Insight to the horrors behind China's persecution


    This film is a simple, yet deeply moving masterpiece. I, being a Falun Gong practitioner, pay great respect for this film. Sandstorm is filmed in a very simple way, with no special effects nor much panning, but yet it is effective. It speaks out the truth about the China Government. And,if you really concentrate, there are secret meanings hidden in the film. See this film (if you can find it), and just a little warning there is a bit of blood in it. Overall, this is a very fine film and I would recommend everyone to watch it. Especially China Government Lovers or China Government Followers or China Government Dogs. watch the film and you will understand

  • not my kind of story


    I was quite disappointed by this movie. it is true, the horrors displayed are appalling, but the story itself... I won't say "even worse", as the tortures presented were almost too painful to watch, but it gets quite close to that. I mean, couldn't they have thought of a better way to present the suffering of those people than turning them into saints that can predict the future, save dying children aso?? I, myself, am quite touchy when it comes to such things... maybe I am being silly, but the story was too "romantic" for my taste: man tortures innocent woman unwillingly, woman warns man of an impending danger, danger manifest itself in the form of a terrible sandstorm, child gets lost in the storm, man's wife dies (why does she get punished??? she had no idea what those people were preaching, she didn't know that they would be tortured by the authorities, she didn't get the chance to redeem herself.), man embraces woman's beliefs, man survives and finds out his girl had been saved by the very people he was torturing. no, not my kind of story


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