Santa Claws (2014)

Santa Claws (2014)

Ezra James ColbertNicola LamboJohn P. FowlerJordan Bielsky
Glenn Miller


Santa Claws (2014) is a English movie. Glenn Miller has directed this movie. Ezra James Colbert,Nicola Lambo,John P. Fowler,Jordan Bielsky are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Santa Claws (2014) is considered one of the best Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Tommy, who is unable to celebrate Christmas because his mom says Santa isn't real, leaves his kittens out for Santa to take back to the North Pole, but after a major allergic reaction Santa can't fly the sleigh or deliver presents anymore, so the kittens have to deliver the rest of the presents to all the boys and girls before sunrise.


Santa Claws (2014) Reviews

  • I disagree with the other reviews


    I think this movie was amazing. THE CGI, the over-the-top acting, the bad cutaways, the entire premise itself...If you're the type to sit around and laugh at horrible low-budget films, I definitely recommend watching it. Perhaps with a couple of drinks. I can imagine if I'd watched this as a child I would have actually, sincerely enjoyed it in the way it was intended, so I'd definitely recommend watching this with the kids. They'll enjoy the silly talking animals, and you can enjoy how bad it is. It's so bad, it's somehow actually good. I feel like it's all very tongue-in-cheek, they must have known what they were doing. Many of the lines had me in tears, not because they were actually funny -- but because of the way they were delivered. I hope these guys make more films, I would happily sit and watch another if it was in the same vain as this one. I hope those kittens found good homes in real life.

  • Claw Away Now


    A copycat movie with the same old Christmas theme. Starring 3 little kittens and a kid obsessed with a Christmas tree. Santa Claus is allergic to cats what an absurd plot. Lost interest 5 minutes into the movie, however writing this review to save others from boredom and ruining their Christmas spirit. There is no single sentence which makes you smile let alone go on a laugh riot. Please give it a miss ..... Horrendous effort even for a low budget movie. Christmas movies need to be fun this does not have any maybe a good movie for the feline fans who like to cuddle up with their pets when they watch it. Claw out your way around this movie ...!!!

  • So deliberately bad it's quite enjoyable


    In the tradition of Shaun of the Dead or Fido, the humour is campy and the effects deliberately annoying. The cats are a wondrous mockery of those endless puppies-save-Christmas movies. The kids universally can't act 'realistically' and the adults are B-move standards, but there are some wonderfully over-the-top freak-outs. This is absolutely not a movie to be taken seriously, just to be enjoyed for its send-up of pretty much every Christmas movie trope out there.

  • Cringeworthy


    I like Christmas movies and live with a cat. So I guess I should be a the target audience for this movie. But the movie is terrible and unenjoyable at every level. The production is cheap, acting is bad, and story is uninteresting. The Santa Claus character is not really likable and there is no magic about him. The premise of the movie is that Santa is allergic to cats and has pretty much every common allergy. The story takes place 95% in one house and the block around. There are only 4 characters (excluding the cats) and they are pretty much all the human beings you get to see in the movie. The movie feels really... Small. Other reviewers say the movie is so bad it's enjoyable for laughs, or they think some of it is made in purpose. It's not. This movie will only make you cringe. Maybe some young children could enjoy this movie, but then again, why not have them watch something of better quality that is enjoyable for all the family?

  • The "Too Many Cooks: Of Christmas Movies?


    This is either the worst Christmas movie ever made, or an amazing parody of terrible Christmas movies. I choose the latter! What we have here is a concoction of nearly every trope of throwaway Christmas movies, tossed into blender, pureed to perfection, and served in glass with a side of winking wry humor. (I hope). -Spoilers- The on-screen events range from mildly affecting (the boys and his home-made Christmas tree) to downright creepy (all the adults and everything they do). The cats do talk, but their mouths move in only one scene, which is fine by me. The rules of Santa's magic change from one scene to the next, as the movie tries to cram everything magic (sleighs,reindeer,bags, hats, snow-globes, presents,etc.) until the very last scene. It's truly a bizarre and interesting combination. What really sets the movie apart from the rest of the throw-away pack are the existential questions it raises from what is off- screen. Where are all the people? How did these two people end up in the same houses they grew-up in 30 years later, yet their parents and siblings are no where to be found? What did they do with them? Does seeing Santa when you are 6 years old turn you into a complete psychopath? Apparently, yes. Also, why everything is so clean? -Spoilers- The people involved were responsible for the technicals on many low- budget horror movies (including Sharknado 2 and Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark). In fact, you see their allegiances to the craft of film making at the end of the movie, where all the skilled labor and technical jobs get credit before anyone else. My family watched it, we laughed at it, and now we promise to make this movie family tradition for years to come. Well worth 85 minutes of my life.


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