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Selfie from Hell (2018)

Selfie from Hell (2018)

Alyson WalkerTony GirouxMeelah AdamsIan Butcher
Erdal Ceylan


Selfie from Hell (2018) is a English movie. Erdal Ceylan has directed this movie. Alyson Walker,Tony Giroux,Meelah Adams,Ian Butcher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Selfie from Hell (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Julia, an online vlogger from Germany, comes to the US to visit her cousin Hannah. Upon her arrival, Julia falls fatefully ill, prompting Hannah's suspicion of the strange and sudden illness. When unusual happenings start taking place in her home, Hannah begins a relentless internet search to discover the cause. She comes across Julia's vlog entries and finds herself immersed deep in the web - too deep - in a place where terror knows no end.


Selfie from Hell (2018) Reviews

  • Eh.


    Good concept. The main character was an awful cousin.. leaving her cuz in bed for days knowing she's had no water or even opened her eyes and only saw a doctor once.. walking around her (rather old fashioned) house in the dark when light switches were within reach... happily sleeping after such events and waking up in good moods knowing your cousin may be dying in the next room.

  • Had potential to be great but sadly it fails


    I like the concept and idea of the film as it is something fresh on a lackluster social media internet crazed genre. This had the making to be a stand out film if it had backing and with that backing a bigger budget and more in-depth script, selfie from hell suffers from a rushed story. As said before I liked the idea of this film but what we got was not great with sound effects that came from the cutting room floor of insidious to the film only running for just over an hour. Selfie from hell had the potential to be great but with a tight budget and a rushed story and script it falls flat on its face which I'm disappointed in as was hoping for much better.

  • Atmospheric Horror Overdrive


    Girl has her cousin coming to stay and is supposed to be bringing her new boyfriend. Boyfriend's ill so he didn't come and her cousin is distracted by something sinister going on in her life connected to the dark web... This goes all out for horror atmosphere and, by and large, succeeds in this endeavour, though I do find jump scares a cheap, unwelcome, and unnecessary tactic in horror movies. The acting is okay, certainly nothing that would warrant a bad review. The writing and directing were a bit irritating like, for horror effects, leaving rooms in the dark when any normal person would put a light on - especially if there is any chance there's a demonic presence in your immediate vicinity. Also, if you have someone visiting it would be polite to call an ambulance if they are catatonic. It's those kind of details that see the rating stars dropping swiftly by the minute as the movie unfolds. Would I recommend it or watch it again? No. This is all about horror sequences so if you like that and don't worry about the mindless plot holes and irrational behaviour then give it a go. One other thing that springs to mind is the music score which at one point I think they actually tried to drive the viewers mad with a ridiculous heatbeat-like clanging sound that was far too loud and went on for so long that I had to remove my earphones.

  • Everything tastes gray


    Hannah (Alyson Walker) is visited by her vlogger cousin Julie Lang (Meelah Adams) who operates a Vlog called "Selfies from Hell." We quickly learn something is not right with Julie and evil is following her. Hannah gets deep into the dark web in order to find answers. The film had a number of good jump scares, but the overall plot explanation wasn't up to snuff. It left too many holes. Tony Giroux gave us one of the worst on screen CPR scenes: 2 breaths, 2 pumps near the neck. Why even bother? And the dark web does have a search engine contrary to the film. Facebook also operates on the dark web and there are 50 million research papers. It is not all sick stuff. Guide: No swearing sex or nudity. I think Hannah showers wearing a towel.



    .Really horrible in every regard, from the terrible score to the painfully bad acting. I dont wish this 'waste of my time" movie on anyone, lest it be someone that has no concept of what a well concieved and thoughtfully made movie is. This was neither.

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