Setup (2011)

Setup (2011)

50 CentBruce WillisRyan PhillippeRory Markham
Mike Gunther


Setup (2011) is a English movie. Mike Gunther has directed this movie. 50 Cent,Bruce Willis,Ryan Phillippe,Rory Markham are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Setup (2011) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A group of friends plan out a detailed heist that turns deadly when one betrays the other by taking off with the goods. Taking matters into his own hands, Sonny seeks out his revenge teaming up with the most dangerous mob boss in town to get back what is rightfully his. When he finally comes face to face with his longtime friend he will be forced to make a life changing choice.


Setup (2011) Reviews

  • Poor script, poor acting, Willis appears for less than 10 min


    The movie was a waste of time and i am really disappointed. I could describe this movie as a "wanna be movie"...the director wants to be Guy Ritchie but he is not...50 cent wants to be an actor but he is not, Ryan Phillipe wants to be a bad guy but he is not, because of his baby face...when you see Bruce Willis on the cover you expect him to be actually present in the movie but he is not...everything in this project is poor...i really gave it a chance and watched all 90 min but it was a waste of time. The act was too slow, it tried to build up characters but it failed...many things were simply not there as script and acting. I had hard time understanding the words of 50 cent, Ryan Phillipe was OK but this character was simply not for him...he matches other roles much better...Bruce Willis was OK too but he had a very small and insignificant role.

  • Poor, poor poor.


    Well this type of genre, i.e action, crime, heist is right up my street. Add Bruce Willis to the frame and you would think that I was onto a winner. Unfortunately this was not the case. I found the film to be poorly directed, the acting wooden and the storyline predictable if slightly erratic. After reading the synopsis I kind of thought I would be in for a decent hour and a half. I found myself dropping off 55 minutes into the film which for an action film is pretty poor. Of course, I say action but the truth is there was very little action in it. Add to it a strange religious undertone which I suppose is to signify the lead role is looking for redemption and you get a complete mismatch/ conflict of interests. I give it a generous four out of ten but take into consideration this is about the lowest I have ever scored a film.

  • Was this written by a 16 year old?


    I've seen movies that have plot holes big enough to drive trucks through, some big enough to drive aircraft carriers through, but this has got to be the first movie that I've seen that an entire planet could get through the myriad of plot holes. *****Oh Yes there be SPOILERS***** Plot Hole 1 So, let me understand this correctly, the ENTIRE Detroit Police Department has gone on vacation for this movie. We start out with 3 guys pulling over a car in downtown Detroit in the middle of the morning by jumping out of their vehicle and just rattling off a whole bunch of rounds with automatic weapons. LITERALLY hundreds, perhaps thousands of bystanders, and not ONE of them thinks to call 911? Oh, and of course there isn't a police car within 1 or 2 miles of this location? Plot Hole 2 The boys speed away in a vehicle that is completely discreet, practically invisible... a brand new Chrysler White Van with a logo on it, to some location down near the river to wait for their contact to show up. Now of course, one of the 3 bad guys turns on his two friends that he grew up with and shoots them, leaving one of them alive of course, otherwise the movie would end there...wouldn't that have been NICE? Then we have plot holes that I cannot understand because they're so strange. The Shooter has a sister that NEITHER one of his BEST BOYHOOD friends know about and she just happens to be the DRIVER for the guy they robbed. Oh, the guy that got killed and was OBVIOUSLY one of the three guys that pulled off the robbery just gets collected by ???? and has a nice funeral instead of perhaps a cop or two determining who he was and looking for his friends, etc. (Maybe in the cutbacks in Detroit there's no homicide department or violent crimes department or robbery department) Then we have a hit-man (we don't ever learn who he works for) and we have Bruce Willis entering as the Mob Boss who magically finds the guy who got shot (50 cent) and wants to hire him to do a job for him which has NOTHING to do with the earlier things. I watched this because I LIKE Bruce Willis, he's a good actor and does a lot of really good movies, but really Bruce, did they offer you THAT much money you couldn't walk away from this one? You cannot watch this movie without going WTF at least a dozen times. I've reviewed some movies that I've advised you to just enjoy and go along for the ride because of the great action sequences, THIS is NOT going to be one of them. PLEASE give this a pass and let it end up in the BARGAIN BIN of some obscure convenience store as soon as possible.

  • Oh dear...


    OK, so I didn't have particularly high expectations for this, and I'm not going to bother emphasising Curtis Jackson's flat performance, since it's likely you've seen how "expressive" this guy is in everything else he's ever done, as it is, if I know he's in a movie, I already have a pretty good clue that he won't be the highlight. So what else have we got? Ryan Phillippe, and Bruce Willis... OK, Bruce pulls out a reasonable performance, but he really doesn't have much to work with, due to a muddled, thin script. So of course the same difficulties apply to Ryan Phillippe, however, since he has a much larger part in this it's difficult to see that his performance is OK, and really he's let down by the poor script. Well, look, Curtis Jackson, I'm not sure why this guy wants to be an actor, for the moment he'll have to keep wanting, because he hasn't pulled anything out the sack with this one. It's not that his performance is dreadful, it's just ... empty, and he really isn't bringing any soul to his character, and I've got to say, I really hope he gets better than this, because I know he's going to keep trying. Anyway, if you watch this, brush the sick off yourself and go watch Way of the Gun so you can forgive Ryan Phillippe. In summary even casting a lead that could act probably wouldn't have save this shoddy script, but there's a few good moments that will entertain.

  • Hollywood rubbish


    Seeing it had a good cast I thought this could be a good film, wrong! It's just a over hyped B grader by using a few big name actors, sure Ryan Phillippe is in it here and there but Bruce Willis is in it only for the name, as he is in this film for around 20 minutes, Bruce is only in it to prop up this film. 50 cents is just not credible as an actor, and Bruce and Ryan can't help him raise the bar past the level of B grade. The story is nothing new, it's predictable and plain boring, and that music score! they are really trying to make this sound like a serious crime drama, but they failed, it just proves again it takes more then well know actors to make a good film. Would I recommend this film? yeah sure if I did not like you! give it a miss, walk your dog instead, wash your car, ring your mum! as this film is not worth wasting your time on. Solid 1 out of 10, it would have been a zero but I did love that GTO, the main high light of the film.


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