Shadow of the Missing (2018)

Shadow of the Missing (2018)

Rhodri ThomasJamie Lee SmithGary SlaymakerCeri Evans
Jamie Lee Smith


Shadow of the Missing (2018) is a English movie. Jamie Lee Smith has directed this movie. Rhodri Thomas,Jamie Lee Smith,Gary Slaymaker,Ceri Evans are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Shadow of the Missing (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A group of young filmmakers are attending a Film Festival in Wales. They come across an abandoned church, and hear music coming from inside. After some goading and teasing, the entire group decides to return to the church in order to solve the mystery. Complications arise, however, when one by one members of the group start to disappear. Only the footage remains to tell their tale.


Shadow of the Missing (2018) Reviews

  • Horrible


    I really tried to give this a shot, but couldn't make it through the entire movie. It's extremely slow and seems to drag on. Spend your time watching something else.

  • Shadowy disappearances


    'Shadow of the Missing' could easily have been watchable. The title does grab your attention. The cover is a creepy one. And the concept really interested me, not exactly creative but with those things on paper 'Shadow of the Missing' had all the makings of being a film with a creepy atmosphere and an entertaining enough mystery. Neither were the case watching 'Shadow of the Missing'. Instead 'Shadow of the Missing' is yet another complete waste of a good idea, with terrible execution, with nothing standing out as remotely good, and the complete opposite of what it had potential to be. Not one of the worst films ever seen throughout my life, but 'Shadow of the Missing' is one of the most frustrating and worst recent viewings, which although variable actually on the most part have been above average or more. Its least bad asset is the scenery, which did have some atmosphere. It was hard to appreciate it however because the lighting is too drab and goes too far on the dimness and darkness and the camera work lacks focus constantly, being blurred and chaotic. The editing is haphazard. The audio can be placed randomly and the over-obviousness, its tendency to be intrusive and how some of it is completely ill-suited in terms of how it's used and how it sounds really hurts the atmosphere. Not that there was much atmosphere to begin with in 'Shadow of the Missing'. The deadly dull pacing, especially in the middle with some very long-winded stretches, kills it. Likewise with the lack of suspense and surprises. The mystery is never really that engaging and very routine at best, again containing nothing surprising and at times it gets silly. Too much goes nowhere, being introduced randomly and out of the blue and then dropped too quickly. The interviews are not illuminating, sometimes are pointless or don't say much of interest and value and also not particularly well written or acted. Furthermore, none of the characters are developed enough to make them interesting. Neither do they have any distinct or endearing traits to make one root for them, basically they are all bland and annoying with vague motivations that never ring true and too many of them are ill-used. The acting is either histrionic or robotic and the directing is barely there. Overall, terrible. 1/10 Bethany Cox

  • Not Good


    This movie was pointless and seemed to lose it's story line. The interviews throughout appear to try and tie the story together but even they can't save it from its self. Characters are introduced yet go nowhere. The only reason to even give this a view is to see Dan Thomas, his humour appears to be the only saving grace.


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