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Simha (2010)

Simha (2010)

Nandamuri BalakrishnaAliSaira BanuKrishna Bhagavan
Boyapati Srinu


Simha (2010) is a Telugu movie. Boyapati Srinu has directed this movie. Nandamuri Balakrishna,Ali,Saira Banu,Krishna Bhagavan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Simha (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A Tale of Father and Son who brings down Injustice in their reign.

Simha (2010) Reviews

  • Ballaya is the real Simha


    When I first heard that SIMHA is creating new box office records, I thought about giving it a chance. I am a north Indian and haven't watched any of Ballaya's movie. Though I have watched more than 50 Telugu movies till now, a Ballaya movie has still eluded me. After watching the teasers of SIMHA on you tube, I finally booked tickets for it. When the movie started, it felt like a usual feast, especially because of Namitha mainly. Though Ballaya looked a little old for Sriman Narayana's role, but he seemed serious. The first half was overall average, the usual fights sequences, villains making grueling faces, heroins drooling over Ballaya and all. However post intermission movie turned out to be much better. The Narasimha role suited Ballaya very well. He looked every bit of that fiery tiger. Nayanthara looked royal and elegant. Sneha Ullal seemed lost, while Namitha looked ugly, she is too fat even for being a porn star now.

  • Feast for Fans


    Bala Krishna is terrific as Simha in the flashback episode. His dialogue delivery is controlled and is extremely effective. His get-up as Simha is highly respectable and dignified. After a long gap, Bala Krishna fans are going to cherish the looks and performance of Bala Krishna as he plays it to the galleries. His other character of Srimannarayana is also good. Nayana Tara is very good in the flashback episode with jewellery and traditional wear belonging to lineage of kings. The voice given by Sunitha helps in some key episodes of the movie. Sneha Ullal is improving from film to film and she is good too. Namitha should watch her weight. Kota comes up with another fine performance. Story of the movie is not new, but follows a time-tested formula. Boyapati Seenu who mastered mass treatment to his movies like Bhadra and Tulasi made sure that there are ample commercial elements that satisfy the thrust of masses and fans. He projected Bala Krishna in the right way and extracted powerful mass performance. Screenplay of the movie is predictable. Direction is good in parts. First half of the movie is adequate. The flashback episode is established well. The climax should have been more effective. The plus points of the movie are Bala Krishna performance (and dialogues) and mass elements. On the flip side, there is excessive violence/fights in the movie. Simha movie generated tremendous pre-release positive buzz and it resulted in humongous openings.

  • soooooooper


    This is the best movie for the hero. No doubt about it. Everyone should watch it at least once in their lifetime. Songs are very good. Punch dialogs are ultimate. I will watch this movie again. I will take my friends as well. Thanks to the director for giving such a hit movie. Thanks to the crew and many thanks to the hero. This movie should break all records in telugu film industry. The screenplay is good and cinematography is good.Background score is a little irrelevant in some places but not really noticeable.It would be called balayyawood and not tollywood any more.I wouldn't reveal the story or any more details. Just go watch and enjoy the movie.

  • Not bad


    When compared to recent films of balayya this film is some what better and can be seen for one time.Bala Krishna flash back character in the movie is good and you can see the age of balayya in this movie.There is no comedy track in the movie at all.Brahman and jhonshi were wasted in the film.There is no much necessity of huge jewelery for nayana and the of sneha is good but namita as a lecturer is not at all good.there are so many fights in the film and the flashback episode was not convincing as 1980 village backdrop and there are also several flaws in the movie.Overall I can say that it is not an extraordinary film but a film which can be watched for one time


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