Small Town Christmas (2018)

Small Town Christmas (2018)

Ashley NewbroughKristoffer PolahaPreston VandersliceBailey Skodje
Maclain Nelson


Small Town Christmas (2018) is a English movie. Maclain Nelson has directed this movie. Ashley Newbrough,Kristoffer Polaha,Preston Vanderslice,Bailey Skodje are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Small Town Christmas (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Book tour takes Christmas bestseller author to the hometown of the man who inspired her to write the book, but also hurt her feelings by standing her up.

Small Town Christmas (2018) Reviews

  • A warm Christmas movie!


    Beautiful story and lovely actors especially Kristoffer Polaha - he is as usual awesome and so natural!

  • Best of 2018! Kristoffer Polaha is TOPS! Must see!


    This is the best Hallmark Christmas movie I've seen this year, and maybe ever! (Which says a lot because I tend to watch these Christmas movies like it's my job!) Kristoffer Polaha is fantastic and charming and so natural. He and his leading lady have wonderful chemistry, and she's great and natural also. I've never written a review for IMDb but felt so strongly about about this one, I just had to log on and tell others DON'T MISS THIS! The storyline has plot devices that are typical to a Hallmark movie, yet they seem fresh here somehow. There are great supporting characters and all around solid acting. Very likable characters and development. I've always enjoyed Kristoffer Polaha but this movie has raised him to the top of the Hallmark leading men, and put him in a league of his own (in my opinion). I want a sequel!! (I really, really do!) And a trip to Springdale ???? ????

  • Title says it all


    This movie is pretty much what you'd expect given the title and the TV network, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (although it fits Hallmark Channel better). A small town is the epitome of life and tradition is everything. Yet, despite the predictability, it was done pretty well and the characters are appealing. Kristoffer Polaha kept reminding me of other Christmas movies he has been in . He and Ashley Newbrough had chemistry and add the little girl to make it even better.

  • Had something different. Good One.


    I am a Hallmark consumer, and, despite the overall quality being too low and predictable lately, at least for me, I have to say this one had something different. Excellent leads, really great chemistry, well developed story and interesting twists. Go see for yourself, no spoilers. I like to think I understand something about movies and how they are done, and this one delivers some feelings. What can I say, I am an old fashioned young dude from the 90s and this reminded me of good ol comedies.

  • Trash


    This must be one of the lamest movies ever. I guess Hallmark makes their employees to give nice rating to their awful movies. Good only to put you to sleep or to want you to be put to sleep.

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