Solo (2018)

Solo (2018)

Alain HernándezAura GarridoBen TempleLeticia Etala
Hugo Stuven


Solo (2018) is a Spanish movie. Hugo Stuven has directed this movie. Alain Hernández,Aura Garrido,Ben Temple,Leticia Etala are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Solo (2018) is considered one of the best Adventure,Biography,Drama,Romance,Sport,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Based on real events. On September 6, 2014, Álvaro Vizcaíno Albertos, a surfer who wakes up in his jeep in Fuerteventura Island (one of the Canary Islands) after being too drunk the last night, and after a fight with the companion of his part-time girlfriend Ona, in addition to learning that his close friend Nelo is going to leave him to travel to Canada to create a family with his recent and pregnant girlfriend. Alone in this remote corner of Fuerteventura and dominated by pride, anger and jealousy, Álvaro decides take his surf table looking for the perfect wave, but while he walks by the coastal dunes close to the jeep, he suddenly stumbles and slides down the dune to a reef, where he keeps in a delicate position in the border trying to avoid crashing against the rocks. Calculating the natural cycle of the waves, Álvaro throws himself to the void, falling into the water but injuring seriously in the head and breaking his left hip in the fall. Unable to stand up and walk, without ...


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Solo (2018) Reviews

  • Surprisingly Good


    A movie not just about survival but also about love and relationships. Beautifully shot water and sand scenes. Slow? Well, definitely not for the superhero generation.

  • Visually Beautiful, but Empty and Lifeless


    The camerawork is absolutely stunning and vivid, creating a genuinely chaotic and natural experience. I also appreciated the fact that this film used many real locations instead of heavy CGI and studio sets. But then the awful structuring of the narrative ruins all sense of tension and unease. The film begins in medias res for absolutely no reason and while it might seem cool at first, it feels laughably dumb afterward. The contrived romance was not only disruptive but also painfully pretentious. It strives for greater importance in the story and characters when there really isn't anything there to begin with. The survival story isn't even that exciting or unique. It's been done before and certainly far better. 127 Hours immediately comes to mind, but even The Revenant has a few individual scenes that surpass everything this film tries to accomplish with masterful technique and stunning beauty. It's commendable for being a true story and for having stunning cinematography, but what's the point of adapting this man's story into a film when it doesn't bring anything necessary or unique to cinema?

  • Great cinematography! Not so great editing.


    Great cinematography! Incredible camera work. I felt like I was in the water and some scenes were unique compared to other movies of same genre. Having said that I gave only 5 stars for a reason. A movie is a story therefore the script and editing is just as important as the camerawork. This story did not unfold easily especially in the first half of movie. For that part I would have given a 2 but the cinematography is a 8 or better. I'm afraid I was comparing it to 127 hours. That was an amazing script, editing, and acting. In this movie the script and editing were lacking. I am not familiar with the main actor, Alain Hernandez. Maybe he is a good actor but the script writer gave him very little to work with. That is where some great acting and great camerawork can reveal a story better than a script. It did not happen here. Ultimately I believe the script writer did not capture the real story of survival.

  • Not bad


    Beautifully shot ..... can't deny the gorgeous scenery ... but otherwise it's an hour and a half of a grown man crying and whining

  • Slow


    This sounds like a tense survival movie but turns out to be a slow movie with retropectives & dreams filling the gaps in the first half of the film. Gets a bit better in the second half.

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