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Somebody's Mother (2016)

Somebody's Mother (2016)

Richard AbrahamDaniel AhearnWyeth James AhearnTempany Deckert
Gabriela Tollman


Somebody's Mother (2016) is a English movie. Gabriela Tollman has directed this movie. Richard Abraham,Daniel Ahearn,Wyeth James Ahearn,Tempany Deckert are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Somebody's Mother (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

Two sisters struggle with what it means to be a mother. One after the sudden loss of her baby, the other with her own inability to care for her young child. Together they find hope in the face of tragedy.

Somebody's Mother (2016) Reviews

  • A beautiful film that stayed with me for days.


    This heartbreaking film Into loss and motherhood stayed with me for days. Somebody's Mother tells the story of grief as Claire struggles at her one year anniversary of her baby's death. Her sister ANNA comes to comfort her and the irony is she is failing at motherhood and feels trapped. The film is beautifully shot and acted by the Tollman sisters. The stages of grief and the difficulties of motherhood, Anna is struggling with Postpartum depression and hiding from her husband and left her child. A must see for all.

  • Extremely Moving and Intense.


    This film is incredibly powerful. Tackling a difficult subject with such vulnerability, Clara and Anne (Gabriela & Evelyn Tollman) were profoundly connected to this story and their nuanced work really stands out. I found their performances extremely moving and intense. I'm not sure how something like this gets made, but it's so wonderful when it does. A truly original work, worthy of so much!! Definitely recommend!

  • All elements of filmmaking come together here to create a very moving film.


    When dealing with children and the loss of children it's always an emotional ride. All elements of filmmaking come together here to create a very moving film. The dark moody cinematography enhances the honest heartfelt performances of the entire cast. The extreme close-ups the director uses brings you into the characters emotions and the score brings all these elements together. This is a rare gem of a drama from a great team of indie filmmakers. Two thumbs up.

  • Must see drama


    This story is very deep and emotional. It starts off a little slow but as the movie goes on everything that happens unfolds and starts to connect like its suppose too. The acting and direction was so Good it kept me engaged throughout the whole movie

  • SOMEBODY'S MOTHER is an intense and beautiful film about loss and redemption!


    SOMEBODY'S MOTHER is an intense and beautiful film about loss and redemption! The story is layered and nuanced, delving deeply into how a mother deals with and experiences the ultimate loss and grief a human being can experience. This is all set against the perspective of her sister who is actively engaged with her own similar issues. The images are sumptuous, the music layered and outstanding, and the performances by the lead actresses are top-notch. Somebody's mother is a personal, vulnerable and honest drama and you should see it. BRAVO!


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