Son of Batman (2014)

Son of Batman (2014)

Jason O'MaraStuart AllanThomas GibsonMorena Baccarin
Ethan Spaulding


Son of Batman (2014) is a English movie. Ethan Spaulding has directed this movie. Jason O'Mara,Stuart Allan,Thomas Gibson,Morena Baccarin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Son of Batman (2014) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Ra's AL Ghul is dead, slain by former League of Assassin Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. His victory is not without a cost, the price his right eye; taken by Ra's own grandson Damien. Fearing for her sons' safety Talia AL Ghul decides now is the time for the boy to meet his father. Half a world away a trail of chemical plant heists finds the Batman catching the culprit in the very act. The thief is Killer Croc, but Croc has changed mutated by some unseen hand. With the shocking appearance of the lovely but deadly Talia, Croc is quickly taken down. Back at Gotham harbor Talia gives the Detective the news of Ra's fate along with the surprise of introducing him to Damien, their son. Talia sets out to handle Slade while Damien falls under the guardianship of Batman. The young man possess great fighting prowess but his cocky self confidence creates friction back at Wayne Manor. Batman's investigation into Croc's actions leads him to the home of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, creator of the Man-bat ...


Son of Batman (2014) Reviews

  • Some ludicrous moments ruin a good film


    A ten year old who can swim 50 miles. A 500 year old who can deflect hundreds of bullets from six assailants using assault rifles simultaneously with an ordinary metal sword... A serum that can turn people into bats because... Well just because. Then another serum that can turn them back instantly. It was all too silly and cartoonish. This isn't the Batman who would out-think himself out of a tough situation. On several occasions he has to be rescued, which is just not Batman. But they break the realism aspect of the world multiple times and with it, you start caring less and less because it just gets stupid. There was no fight between Batman and Damian, which was needed to show how their relationship builds and makes their love/hate situation evolve. There was no anger or jealousy from Night-wing. No proud grandfather thoughts from Alfred. Talias father is killed and she doesn't care. No one cared about anyone and so we stopped caring as well. There was no emotional connection between any of the characters even though the plot was screaming out for it. They just all fell flat and dull. It looked nice, but at only 70 minutes I kept thinking that there was so much more they could have done to build on their relationships. Its a meh movie. You'll watch it as passable entertainment but forget about it the next minute.

  • Perfect portrayal of the New 52 versions


    Except Deathstrokes portrayal was WAYYY of but I still loved him here. Was a perfect villain. New 52 is my favorite timeline ever. Best five years of D.C.! Don't get annoyed by robins attitude because it's exactly the way he was in the comics. And as much as I love Jason Omara, his voice acting could use more expression. I don't want him to stop voicing Batman though. One of the best Batman voices ever if you ask me.

  • Not as bad as the reviews make out ... not as good as DC ...


    ... could have done. The execution, the voice acting is indeed below par in places. This is true. But I confess the story got to me. Usually any production that starts with the words "SON OF" is doomed. Literally. But the story hooked me so I tolerated the subpar production values and actually had a fairly good time. More than once I even wondered if somewhere out there was a producer who would find the cash to do this live action but given the audience expectations for a live action BATMAN, especially after Dark Knight, I guess that REALLY WOULD BE A FANTASY.

  • The worst Batman movie I've seen


    All right, so a bit of background first. I'm not a hardcore Batman fan or anything, meaning that I haven't read the comics and so I don't know everything about the universe and how well this movie adheres to its source material. I've seen Under the Red Hood, Mask of Phantasm, Year One, Dark Knight Returns and obviously Nolan's new trilogy and I enjoyed The Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games immensely. I thought all of those movies were great - Dark, gritty, intense and serious. Not so with this film. First of all, the voice acting is terrible overall and the cringe worthy dialogue didn't help either. It tries to be humorous while failing at it badly. From the voice actors I'd highlight Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke, he didn't portray any emotion or intensity at all. None of the other voice actors didn't even rise to average. That's really a show stopper when it comes to animated films because so much of the emotion is conveyed through voice. I'm not sure how they recorded the lines but it felt like there was little to no interaction between the actors, it just sounded like they were delivering their lines independently. I'm not really sold on the animation and graphical style either, Bruce Wayne especially looked really wrong to my eyes at least. Talia al Ghul had her boobs on display quite...prominently. A big problem with this movie was with the physics and how they tried to bring completely different elements together here. The kid Damian is supposedly fighting almost equally with Nightwing and he's also kicking a 200 kg muscle monster through windows and parries his attacks with ease. Then he just goes ahead and casually goes for a 50 mile swim, just like that. I mean, come on. That's completely over the top ridiculous. There's always some suspension of disbelief you have to give these movies but this was just too far. There could be a way to have Damian fight these different larger and stronger guys with speed and stealth while making it at least plausible but they didn't go for that approach. Then there's an arrow minigun and some catapults dropping helicopters like they're flies and Ra's al Ghul using a katana like a lightsaber to deflect assault rifle bullets from soldiers who are surrounding him. It all seemed so preposterous and set this nonsensical tone for the entire movie. You don't feel any tension or suspense when they try to bring up anything serious. The tone is all over the place. Damian hacking into NORAD at age six? Daffy Duck on TV? People being impaled to a wall from their hands? My brain can't handle this, this movie just differed so radically from all of the Batman related stuff I'd seen before. No surprise that this is the director's first crack at the Batman franchise. I just didn't find anything interesting or evocative in this film.

  • It looked better in the Trailer


    This was a terrible addition to the Batman movies series. I was not very impressed, I felt this movie was rushed. Unrealistic in various aspects, not how the typical Batman movies are suppose to be. Part of why Batman is so popular is because viewers enjoy watching a man using his intellect and natural resources to solve crimes and ultimately capture the villains. The almighty "trailer" makes any movie look hype and all the rave. Which it did justice for this movie, but 30minutes into the movie I could already tell I was in for disappointments. "Damion" was way overpowered, being able to take on the world's top assassin within the DC universe? That's absurd! Slade or Death-stroke is an entity to be feared and not to be so easily defeated by Damion who has not even reached his prime yet. Also the character Batman was ineffectively orchestrated, he did not have the mysterious, lone-wolf, and independent personality which stays true to the Comics and previous movies or series and original concept character for that matter. Overall the movie was lacking and I think a fair appraisal is, 5-5.5 out of 10. This move will keep you entertained, but not worth a second watch.


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