Split (2016)

Split (2016)

Tracy WeilerChristopher GuetigSean C. KellerSarah East
Jamie Buckner


Split (2016) is a English movie. Jamie Buckner has directed this movie. Tracy Weiler,Christopher Guetig,Sean C. Keller,Sarah East are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Split (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance,Sport movie in India and around the world.

SPLIT is a peek into the life of Cassie, an over-achiever with a thing for bowlers whose life takes an unexpected turn when she reads a strangely ominous statistic in the local newspaper as her 30th birthday looms. Chronically absent and infamously eccentric, her recently deceased, professional bowler father has left her with not only a freeloading mother on her couch, but an undying notion in her head that in order to live up to her own "above average" standards, she has just under a month to meet and marry the man of her dreams. Despite pleas from her friends, she begins to hatch a plan, but a fateful run in at her local lanes makes her wonder what she really wants - the 7... or the 10?


Split (2016) Reviews

  • Its a nice movie


    I agree with the other two reviews here - its a good film and worth way more than the 3.3 rating. Making low budget films in this genre is the hardest thing. You never know if light comedy scenes are really going to work until they're cut together. This film is so close to being great and given a better budget and a couple more rewrites I'm sure it would have been. Towards the end it seems rushed and I bet they would have re-shot a couple of scenes had they had the money. Having said that the acting is superb and its really well shot and framed. The sound mix is not great but I imagine that's just the money for a really good dub that was lacking. All in all I liked it and would love to see these actors in more stuff.

  • Case of mistaken identity


    I streamed this on an app i got from a friend. I thought i was watching that movie Split with the guy with the split personalities. After watching Unbreakable i felt there was no way they would still be on about bowling after 10mins.

  • warm movie


    Not worth the 3.7 it currently has on IMDb. it's warm and endearing, it's pretty by the numbers and cookie, at times. But an enjoyable watch for me. Just don't think you're watching anything other than this type of movie and you'll enjoy it. I guess its low rating is down to people not being able to adapt to what type of film they are watching to what type of movie they went out to see.

  • 3.3 it should be at about 7


    I was very surprised when I received this movie, thinking it was a horror/thriller .. And I was presented with a light comedy that at some points had me in stitches with laughter. The reality of weird nerds obsessed with bowling and movies, to the mixed up emotions of life being single at 30 . Leaves you relating to the movie on multiple levels. Each of the characters are not only believable with its wonderful acting, but I found myself being able to put friends of my own in each character. Jamie Buckner left little lacking in this light amusing flick, leaving me thinking "Another Chick Flick I Love .. DARN YOU!!" I gather the reason why most people rated this so low is because there was no high action, blood splatter moments. Just a bunch of friends, getting drunk, and giggling with each other .. what else is needed ?

  • OMG save your life!!!


    I'd like to preface my post by stating this is my first post. I say that not to be like that corny Facebook troll who gets a hard on with having no life, but to let you understand I created an account ONLY to review this movie in the hopes that I save your eyes the massacre that is this movie. Just like the previous user, I was swindled into watching this movie after hearing buzz about M Night Shamalyan's new thriller, and sat through this Snapchat story of a movie confused waiting for a genius plot twist to make sense of this keyboard mashing of a script. The characters are creepy enough that you're waiting for a murder and the writing is so odd you are anticipating some sort of mental hospital twist. I felt like this was a high school project idea as a scheme to make a quick buck in hopes of pulling the old bait and switch. I've watched paint dry with more character development. I urge you to stub your toe repeatedly for an hour and a half, listen to nails on a chalk board for 90 minutes, or even listen to a Donald Trump press conference as all are somehow a more enjoyable use of your time. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous user's comment that the positive reviews on this post must be friends, family, or blackmailed on a golden shower tape because it is preposterous to conceive any human who could type a review could process this soccer dad trying out his new camcorder of an eye f*ck as anything other than cruel and unusual punishment deserves some sort of an investigation. P.S. John Oliver, if you see this, I'd love an interview #NatesMovieReviews #HireMe


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