Stalked by a Reality Star (2018)

Stalked by a Reality Star (2018)

Cynthia PrestonEmily BaderRobert Scott WilsonJordan Doww
Robert Malenfant


Stalked by a Reality Star (2018) is a English movie. Robert Malenfant has directed this movie. Cynthia Preston,Emily Bader,Robert Scott Wilson,Jordan Doww are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Stalked by a Reality Star (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A teenage girl lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party and meets a handsome reality TV star - but when she finds out he is a creep and rejects him, he becomes obsessed and starts stalking her, going so far as to date her widowed mom in order to be near her..

Stalked by a Reality Star (2018) Reviews

  • Can't believe I watched it


    This movie is so stupid. The man is stalking a young girl. Her mom and the police don't believe her because she lied. BUT, she is able to call him... Here's a thought... Show your mom you have his number. Text him, and get him to respond. Call him, and put it on speaker while your mom or the police are there. Everyone is tech savvy, but not smart enough to try to set the guy up using texts or emails or phone calls. I thought it would be a different movie, but then I just got more and more frustrated at the inanity of the plot. I stopped watching.

  • Worth Watching


    Kendra, a high school student, and her mother, a nurse, spend their Thursday nights watching a bachelor type show. The star of the show is Brad, a very good looking man who is in search of the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with. Misha, Kendra's friend, has tickets and fake ID's for them to get into the hottest party in town where producers and agents will be attending. And with both Misha and especially Kendra, wanting to be actresses, this is the perfect opportunity for them to meet some of the powers that be. The only problem is, the party is on a Thursday, and Kendra is already in trouble with her mother for sneaking out the house before. In addition, it's their TV watching night. With Kendra being in trouble with her mother, she will be unable to attend the party. It's now Thursday. Kendra and her mother are watching their show when they get into an argument. The argument sends Kenda dashing to her room where she texts Misha to say she wants to go to the party. Misha said she'll pick Kendra up in 30 minutes. Misha and Kendra arrive at the party with fake ID's in hand and hit the bar immediately to order a dirty martini. I'm not sure who thought a dirty martini would scream classy when writing the script, but it screamed desperation. Moving on. Misha goes to talk to a producer, leaving Kendra at the bar alone, but not for long. Soon Brad, from her favorite reality show, shows up and she doesn't know what to do with herself. While they are talking Brad's manager gets him to mingle with some people she feels will help his career. When he leaves, Kendra is feeling guilty about sneaking out the house and wants to go home, but she can't find Misha. It's during her search that Brad catches up to her and they begin talking again. It's not long afterward that Brad offers to take her home. What Brad doesn't know is that Kendra is really a 17-year-old high school student. Brad and Kendra go on their first date and his true colors start coming out. Being the cautious person she is, Kendra takes note and keeps it filed in the back of her head. After dinner, Brad takes Kendra backs to his place where he begins to come on strong to her. The more she asks him to stop the more he doesn't stop. Kendra is finally able to break free and leave but not before she blurts out she's really 17. Her age doesn't seem to faze Brad and he comes to her even stronger. Kendra is finally able to break free and leave and this is the beginning of the stalking by Brad. I really enjoyed this movie. This was the second good Lifetime Movie Network movie I saw on Saturday. The first being Her Dark Past, which I will do a review on. The acting by both Emily Bader as Kendra and Robert Scott Wilson as Brad were very believable. Asia Jackson as Misha annoyed me a little and as did Zach played by Jordan Doww. With latter two mentioned aside, the movie was well put together. Wilson's portrayal of someone not playing with a full desk was scary. He had some menacing looks that were believable and definitely didn't seemed forced. I hope to see this guy in more movies in these type of roles. I feel the same way about Bader. I hope to see her in more Lifetime movies, for just as with Ashley Scott, Jason-Shane Scott, and Dina Meyer (to name a few), she would be the reason I watch the movie. Here's something I noticed. As mentioned, Kendra and her mother watched a bachelor type reality show on Thursday nights. On LifetimeTV (a kin to Lifetime Movie Network) there's a show called UnREAL which is a drama about what goes on behind the scenes of these bachelor reality shows. One of the main characters in the show is Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby. What I found odd is Bader (Kendra) looks a lot like Appleby (Rachel from UnREAL).

  • Entertaining


    The movie won't win any awards, but heck, most of the movies people go to the theater to see wouldn't either. I thought it was entertaining and different and the acting wasn't as bad as some movies on Lifetime. Robert Scott Wilson is a solid actor when given decent material, which he didn't get during most of his run on Days of Our Lives. When his character was finally allowed to break free of the original way he was written, you could plainly see that RSW had been wasted for a good while. Stalked by a Reality Star is a movie that I was able to watch without forwarding little bits here and there. Was some of it silly and hard to believe? Sure, but most movies are that way.

  • Stupid but entertaining.


    It wasn't too bad until the evil mother became a factor in the plot near the end. Then it really jumped the shark. What I was thinking, and hoping, was this relationship with the guy was all in the girls head and just a dilusion. I wish. The climax ending was stupid. And in typical fashion for 99% of all Lifetime movies, the woman got clobbered, but gets right up again to grab the gun. Wow, what a surprise that is! Overall the acting was not bad. Actually Emily Bader was good.

  • 2 psychopaths: famous guy and his mommy


    This is worse than Stalked by My Doctor sequels, but better then most other Lifetime movies. It's about criminal, psychopath, stalker, spy, killer, fame, obsession, corruption, law, police, lie, truth. Those two missing starts are lack of comedy and few missed details like why not every possible evidence is not used, and there are no jokes. Lesson is to always have a proof, protection, defense, plan, confidence, backup, because lack of such things will make us weaker than our enemy or perpetrator. Also we got insight that in fact even psychopaths could be just victims of bigger psychopaths, in this case child is absorbing and is victim of his mother's ideas.


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