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Stalked By My Ex (2017)

Stalked By My Ex (2017)

Tamara BraunYves BrightBrytnee RatledgeAntonio Aaron
Danny J. Boyle


Stalked By My Ex (2017) is a English movie. Danny J. Boyle has directed this movie. Tamara Braun,Yves Bright,Brytnee Ratledge,Antonio Aaron are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Stalked By My Ex (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Chloe's abusive ex-husband has been in prison for years, but when she hears that he is being released on probation, she takes their teenage daughter Olivia and flees to the only place she can think of, her small hometown. Once there, she must face with the obstacles that made her leave in the first place. Meanwhile, Chloe's ex is determined to find them and implement his ultimate plan: a life with their daughter, and with Chloe out of the picture forever.


Stalked By My Ex (2017) Reviews

  • Stalked by this movie


    Pretty marginal stuff here. Formulaic. The bad dad was your typical arrogant, self righteous, violent, super freak. The mom was your not so typical, pretty, sexy, self assured mom, despite all that she had been through. There was the high school love interest, in the home town she moves back to, in order to get away from the super freak. Little suspense. Little surprise. It was fairly easy to predict where this was all leading to. I recommend avoiding this tiny little movie. The creators this film did not invest much into it. And it shows.

  • Stalked By My X


    The movie shows a dad who is forbidden to see his daughter and his all chances are naturalized by the mother, Chloe. Chloe seems not forgiving for the mistakes and misleading her daughter and corrupting her daughter's thoughts by feeding the daughter, her experience which was not good at the time. Dad came out of the prison with a hope to see his daughter as she was constantly in contact with him. But Mother did give no chance to meet him with her daughter. Father had to make opportunistic decisions like killing the old man as he was act as an barrier for the father daughter relationship. Still Chloe did not clear the issues between her and her mother, as she is not good at giving second chances. Because of Chole's fault only the father is dead

  • Stalker dad


    This should be called "Stalked by My Dad" and not "Stalked by my ex" because the film was all about the violent father obsessed with his daughter. He was super scary and run down the mother with his car. Mother and daughter, who's now 15, move back into mother's home town. It turned out that mother had a strained relationship with her mother and blamed her for things but her mother had been a victim of domestic abuse also. The evil dad was able to find them easily because a so-called friend helped him to. A predictable simple film with very annoying background music throughout. There wasn't any personality in the characters except for freaky stalker dad who acted well as the insane father. The other characters, such as friend of the mother, was boring and wooden. Her childhood jealousy and bitterness led to the father tracking down his daughter. The message of the film is to use more privacy on social media and don't trust everyone you meet, and stop giving violent people second chances.

  • Quite a realistic thriller


    Surprisingly this turned out to be a pretty well made and logically written thriller from Lifetime. An ex husband is abusive and even hits his wife with a car. He's sent to prison but 10 years later is being released. So the mother and daughter move back in with estranged grandma. However bad Daddy is in pursuit. Refreshingly the daughter is not a brat who defies her mother. It's good when those who should be on the same side are on the same side. Things are kept believable. Nothing too outrageous. Interactions with friends are interesting. The actors are good and they aren't too familiar.


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