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Stand Up Guys (2012)

Stand Up Guys (2012)

Al PacinoChristopher WalkenAlan ArkinJulianna Margulies
Fisher Stevens


Stand Up Guys (2012) is a English,Belarusian movie. Fisher Stevens has directed this movie. Al Pacino,Christopher Walken,Alan Arkin,Julianna Margulies are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Stand Up Guys (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After 28 years, Val gets out of prison, and his friend Doc picks him up. The local mob boss, Claphands, wants Val dead (Claphands' son died in a robbery and he blames Val) and Doc has until morning to kill him. It's a long night: Val wants to party - they visit a cat house, Val needs Viagra, they break into a pharmacy. After midnight, they pick up Hirsch, their old wheelman, drive the city in a stolen car. They visit the cat house, help a woman in distress, bury a body, and eat at Doc's hangout, a café where the waitress, Alex, is cheerful. The sun rises, Claphands wants Val dead, and Val, who has figured out his fate, is resigned. Is there anything left to take care of?


Stand Up Guys (2012) Reviews

  • Very solid


    I read some of the reviews here, and I think that some who have reviewed this extremely negatively (as in 1/10) are those who appreciate a movie with lots of explosions, and maybe some guys with their tops off, flexing their muscles to accentuate just how tough they are. Luckily, there isn't much of that in Stand Up Guys. It's character-driven, centered on the relationship between Val (PAcino) and Doc (Walken), both of whom are spectacular. There's some great dialogue between the two, and despite what you may read on here, the story is quite solid, if simplistic. I don't think people have fully grasped these characters in some reviews, or the meaning of the title "Stand Up Guys". They're throwbacks, and the situations they encounter represent the direction the world has headed over the years, a world that Doc is forced to be a part of, despite wanting a quieter life. I won't go on any further, but I found the characters endearing, and the relationship between Val and Doc kept me on the hook. Nice soundtrack, too. Cheers

  • You Gotta Love Pacino and Walken Together


    "Stand Up Guys" is a reunion of elderly gangsters. Alan Arkin, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken are in their twilight years, after long careers as mobsters. This Noah Haidle scripted black comedy is a treat for the ears, as these New York wise guys reminisce about the past. The soundtrack of blues greats and Jon Bon Jovi songs is perfectly on point. Impressions of Walken are fun, but Walken himself does the best Walken. You crave more lines from him. Pacino is at his best here, and great Pacino? Forget about it. After serving 28 years in prison, Pacino is released. His best friend, played by Walken, picks him up in a car that was probably new when Pacino began his sentence. Walken takes his friend out for one last night of partying before Walken must kill him to fulfill a contact put out by the mob boss. Walken and Pacino rescue Alan Arkin from a rest home, where he is fading away. Arkin is resurrected to be the wheel man to drive a stolen car on their last night out. Along the way, they meet a variety of quirky and interesting people. Understated, extremely fine acting make this one of the best films of Walken's or Pacino's careers. Seeing them together is like savoring the finest of fine wine. See it. Great script, great acting, great music. What else do you need?

  • Walken and Pacino - Just like bacon and eggs but even better


    The film has a nice genuine feel about it, great story, great acting and a great soundtrack that compliments the film and characters! I found myself getting sucked in to the characters and as much as I enjoy seeing Walken act and hearing his dialogue, Pacino was great in this film too. He's not an angry mobster but a likable criminal one of his best films I think. Walken doesn't give us the old stories that we are used to but his presence is just perfection. Do not expect this film to be full of gangster violence and action, this is the other end of the career. Experience and heart goes a long way. I have to say that if this film was made with a different cast I think it would have been slow and easy to miss, walken and pacino make the film as genuine as they come.

  • Great Movie for Older viewers


    I think you need to be around 70 years of age to really enjoy this Movie. I am and I did; I really did. I chuckled and laughed throughout the movie and continued to do so long into the evening as I remembered some of the more memorable scenes. This is a gem of a Movie and brings back a touch of the real movies of yesteryear. No Vampires ; no Zombies; no computer designed sets and monsters, no excruciatingly LOUD music and noises; just a simple story well told with real ACTORS. I could have sat through it again as soon as it was over....and I may go again. Some of these "Critics" need to age a bit to really understand the difference that a Movie like this can bring to its audience

  • Totally Entertaining


    I'm not one who often writes reviews and I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this Movie. What can I say - Pacino was Spectacular and Walken is - well, he's Walken. As brilliant as he was in The Deer Hunter. The Duo make a stunning and very humorous Duo and certain parts of the Movie will definitely have you in stitches. I'm not going to say anything about the plot but I highly recommend this Movie to any potential Viewers. Filled with Witty Humour and sharp Sarcasm, the Movie tends to get one thinking about different aspects of Life. A Fun Movie - and though a bit slow, I was fixed on the Screen. Pacino and Walken make some of the Newer Actors look like true Amateurs - Watch it - You'll Love it!!


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