Status Update (2018)

Status Update (2018)

Ross LynchOlivia HoltHarvey GuillénCourtney Eaton
Scott Speer


Status Update (2018) is a English movie. Scott Speer has directed this movie. Ross Lynch,Olivia Holt,Harvey Guillén,Courtney Eaton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Status Update (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

After teenager Kyle Moore is uprooted by his parents' separation, he's unable to fit into his new hometown. Then he stumbles upon a magical app that causes his social media updates to come true, which changes his entire life.

Status Update (2018) Reviews

  • Not great


    Pretty predictable film. There are a few things in this film that to me would deem it more as a 15 rather than 12A

  • Mild high school fantasy


    High schooler Kyle feels out of place until he acquires a mysterious and magical app which grants him the ability to be successful in assorted popular high school activities. He thus becomes a hot lead in the high school musical (and cute singer/songwriter Dani falls for him), plus he also becomes a star ice hockey player, which raises him as a target for high school princess Charlotte. Kyle has to decide which path to follow, and how to put right the things which have gone wrong on the way. This high school fantasy romcom is utterly formulaic and contains no surprises whatsoever. It's not unpleasant, the leads are attractive and fulfil their part in the proceedings well enough (although I never bought into Kyle being isolated), and the final musical number is effective. Famke Janssen puts in an unexpectedly funny turn as a Mom with too much wine oh her hands. This is a tolerable time-passer.

  • Great family film


    It is a slightly comedic movie. I thought it took a good take on modern society and how we use phones. Rob Riggle did a great job. The soundtrack for the movie was great. My favorite part is when Ross Lynch gets up in the cafeteria and sings. It is also fun for the family. In my opinion the movie should be pg. Reminder this film is like his teen beach movie and not My friend Dahmer.

  • Mediocre


    STATUS UPDATE is a mediocre that runs a little bit longer then I would have liked but I managed to stick it out to the end. It is not the kind of movie that I would ever like to watch again nor is it the one I would recommend to my friends but I will add that it is not terrible. It was mildly entertaining at times. Certainly enough so that I watched the whole thing and was not too bored although I did not give it much of a though afterward and it is doubtful I will even remember it a year from now.

  • Solid Teenage Flick


    Looking at this film from the perspective of its target audience, which is basically teens/young adults, It quite a solid film. A story about being true to yourself, but its told in a unique way. Actors did fine, plot was well written if maybe slightly over the top at times. Its hard to write a film about wishes coming true because the wording of any wish can always be open to interpretation, but I think Status Update captures the magic of it quite well. The pace is good, Cinematics fine for a lower budget film. I wouldn't call it an overly funny film, although it does have its moments. If you or your children like Glee, then you will probably like this. Its worth a watch if you like the Teenage Fantasy genre and a bit of fun; But not one for serious critics, hence some of the previous reviews.


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