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Steel Country (2018)

Steel Country (2018)

Andrew ScottBronagh WaughDenise GoughMichael Rose
Simon Fellows


Steel Country (2018) is a English movie. Simon Fellows has directed this movie. Andrew Scott,Bronagh Waugh,Denise Gough,Michael Rose are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Steel Country (2018) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a young boy goes missing in a sleepy backwoods town, a local sanitation truck driver, Donald, plays detective, embarking on a precarious and obsessive investigation.

Steel Country (2018) Reviews

  • Enjoyed it.


    Admittedly it is slow but this 'Donnie' keeps you interested. He's handicapped mentally but smart,intuitive and a loving father. I found the story to be good and slowly opened up for the viewer.

  • Solid, if fairly familiar, small-town mystery/thriller


    It is surprising to learn that this is a British made film. Made entirely with UK money, an English director and a couple of Irish actors in the two lead roles. Most impressive given that this passes pretty easily as an American product. It falls into a category of crime/thriller/mystery which there seems to be quite a few of, i.e. one set in a small town in the backwaters of the U.S. where an ordinary individual investigates or is hurled into a crime scenario. Many American independent films have been of this type in recent years and I guess this is one aspect which goes against Steel Country slightly, in that it is an overly familiar set-up. Nevertheless, it remains a good enough film with a very impressive central performance from Andrew Scott in the lead role of a bin man with an Asperger's type of condition, whose particular mind-set impels him to not accept a recent account of a young boy drowning. He suspects foul play and this leads him on a dangerous path with reveals dark secrets in the local town. The film works more as a mystery than as a thriller; albeit, there are a couple of memorable scenes which fall under the latter bracket, including a surprising one near the finale. But mostly, this one focuses on an amateur sleuth seeking the truth and a town which seems reluctant to reveal all. Ultimately, this is a good, if relatively standard, bit of Americana (even if it is actually British!).

  • Excellent film.


    The main actor plays the role of an autistic man who is fixated on making sure things are left as they should be, from something as simple as a dustbin lid being left open to a serious crime being left unsolved, that is not how things should be and he will have no peace of mind until things are put right even if putting things right is a matter of life or death. The main actor deserves an Oscar, his performance was amazing, the story is dark and tragic but overall it is a brilliant film, and I'm not easily pleased,

  • Scott drives directly into your soul....


    Andrew Scott (whom I was not familiar with prior to this film) gives an Oscar worthy performance as a sanitation worker somewhere on the spectrum or possibly Borderline Personality Disorder. Despite character assertions that he "is not a smart man", we learn this is not true as he pieces together parts of a murder and the dark past that surrounds it. Despite his inner turmoil, he is able to hold down a steady job and engage in social interactions when needed or desired. He is a kind, gentle soul who struggles in caring for his elderly mother and believes there is hope in a relationship with a woman with whom a relationship never even existed. However, the brief union did result in a lovely daughter who shares his kindheartedness. Perhaps she is part of his drive to find the killer of another child (we know the child is dead from the trailers and the first few minutes of the film). This takes place in a small town in the rust belt and political commentary is made without words in the first few minutes of the film where we see closed-down buildings with old election signs, expressing the irony. Some may be turned off by this, but you do not need to be of a certain party to appreciate this intense, haunting thriller. Scott is magnetic and the other characters are all exceptionally interesting and well-acted. It is a very slow-burn that completely engulfed me. This movie is disturbing in subject, but not gory or violent.

  • Powerful drama


    I highly recommend this small town drama about a sanitation worker named Donnie, who was convinced intuitively that there is more to the drowning of 6 years old Tyler. The journey to the climatic ending was slow but worth it. Good acting with great musical scores and the sensitive handling of "Donnie" who appears to be on the autism spectrum, brought me to tears a few times. A very emotional journey indeed.


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