Stolen Dreams (2015)

Stolen Dreams (2015)

Brooke LangtonPeter BensonStephanie BennettMike Dopud
Jason Bourque


Stolen Dreams (2015) is a English movie. Jason Bourque has directed this movie. Brooke Langton,Peter Benson,Stephanie Bennett,Mike Dopud are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Stolen Dreams (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Richard and Laura Paddington's good marriage broke down as she could not come to terms with the abduction of their four-year-old daughter, Zoe. Fourteen years later, she is a regular attorney and finds a new partner: Jacob Nyholm, who also lost a kid, in a support group. Then, possible missing children volunteer work brings Laura into contact with teenager Rebecca, who "exactly" fits Zoe's description, but has a very vague story. Retired FBI agent Garwin, formerly in charge of Zoe's case, is not as easily convinced as blindly eager Laura and uncovers a cynical plot.


Stolen Dreams (2015) Reviews

  • Watchable for a Lifetime flick but definitely not as dark as the poster would suggest


    The poster makes it look like a dark psychological thriller, but this is really not that kind of a movie. It's a fairly easy going Lifetime channel movie for the first half of the movie, with typical good ol' Americans strapped with a smile and a will to please. It does get more 'thrillerish' in the second half though but never to the point that you are glued to your seats or anything and still remains fairly harmless. But I mean as far as Lifetime movies goes it's definitely not one of their worst and it did sustain my interest for the most part, but it's definitely not a movie you rewatch a bunch of times, well at least not me. So semi-recommended I guess if it's on TV and you lack new movies to watch and feel up for something semi-suspenseful without graphic violence or cuss-words.

  • Watch Your Neck


    On a busy west coast wharf, beautiful blonde Brooke Langton (as Laura) discovers her adorably cute three-year-old daughter is missing. After the credits, 14 years have passed. Now divorced, Ms. Langton is a wealthy and identically attractive criminal defense attorney. She is still friendly with ex-husband Mike Dopud (as Richard Paddington), a doctor working abroad. Sadly, their abducted daughter was never found. Langton is now living with a man she met in her grieving support group, Peter Benson (as Jacob Nyholm). One day, Langton donates some stuff to a shelter and meets pretty blonde teenager Stephanie Bennett (as Rebecca). Langton is stricken with Ms. Bennett. She thinks Bennett is her long-lost daughter, Zoe. We quickly learn Bennett has a unique birthmark on the back of her neck which matches little Zoe's exactly... Great, right? Well, no... Since this is a "Lifetime" TV movie, you know something is going to go wrong. With his "bad ticker," suspicious Jerry Wasserman (as Garwin) has a role that writes itself. It's not difficult to predict what happens, but the story makes no moves to disguise its simplicity. They know you know. Everyone does a good job with the assignment. One of director Jason Bourque's best scenes occurs when Langton drives home to retrieve some DNA results and discovers her daughter has skipped an important exam. The director and his crew give this particular part of the story more tension and plausibility than it deserves. The ending suffers in comparison. And, a strange coda only confuses. There should have been an early scene with Langton describing the birthmark or, better yet, adding it to the pictures she posts of her missing daughter. ***** Are You My Daughter? (2015-09-19) Jason Bourque ~ Brooke Langton, Peter Benson, Stephanie Bennett, Mike Dopud

  • Not enough of a difference from similar movies


    Missing daughter is reunited years later with mother. Quite a popular Lifetime movie theme. So of course you'd expect something different for this one. It's quite obvious early on the girl is a fake, and everyone but the mother is the last to believe. So there should be some twist or something but there isn't anything much except the boyfriend from the support group is part of the scheme. She gets exposed and then that's it. NOT worth watching.


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