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Tam jeong 2 (2018)

Tam jeong 2 (2018)

Sang-Woo KwonDong-il SungYeong-hie SeoSung-won Choi
Eon-hie Lee


Tam jeong 2 (2018) is a Korean movie. Eon-hie Lee has directed this movie. Sang-Woo Kwon,Dong-il Sung,Yeong-hie Seo,Sung-won Choi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Tam jeong 2 (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A homicide detective and his partner recruit the help of an online private eye to solve a murder case.

Tam jeong 2 (2018) Reviews

  • Worth watching


    This movie is funny and hilarious. The case is not too complicated but you will be surprised. The three main actors act naturally and the chemistry between them is good. One of the best Korean movies I have ever watched.

  • Pretty terrible movie. Avoid.


    I wanted to like the film because I'm a fan of Sung Dong Il from 'Dad where are you going' and Lee Kwang Soo from 'Runningman' but the movie is an absolute mess. The pacing is slow moving from one scene to the next without a sense of flow or establishing a sense of time. The story line is simplistic with the dialogue being very unnatural even for veteran actors to save this movie. What's worse in each scene is the terrible angle cuts of the close ups of the actors and wide establishing shot. There is just a lack of direction in cinematography and the cuts are absolutely chaotic that it's not even pleasant to watch visually. My advice is to watch a different movie.


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